Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Pro gun logic in a brilliant comment

Honestly I don't get the whole deal with guns. Maybe my dick is above average and I don't have the need to own 500 guns just to own them. The gun nuts claim that they need guns because in the constitution it says they are useful in case the government tries to take advantage of them (lol). I bet the government with their ballistic missiles, drones and predators are afraid of your assault rifle or your handgun... This s what you look like to the government when you wield your gun:

Honestly I can make more fun of you all but I am kinda busy so here is the post and the epic comment:

Am I sad she lost her life? Of course. It's a tragedy. But the comment is epic nevertheless. Was she her fault for leaving an unattended gun with ammo in it that was not secured in the reach of her toddler? You would think so.

So till next time stay safe and try not to win more Darwin Awards... It's a shame.