Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lost in Translation

No matter where you work and what your salary is you are bound to screw up if you don't do your research. Some product names were so unfortunate that you 'd probably ask yourself "What were they thinking?" For example...

Some of you might know the new Nokia smartphone "Lumia". This is it:
Let's all make a bet about it, that it won't be a very good seller in Spain. Why you might ask... Seems that in some dialects in Spain it translates to "call girl" or "prostitute". I don't know who thought of this name but if he ever traveled in Spain and asked for a Lumia he would probably pay a bit more for it... Or even worse if he asks for a specific colour he might even be considered a racist... Either way he 'll pay more than he bargained for... And if you own a "Lumia" what does that make you? A pimp?

But I am a bit harsh on Nokia... Others have done less research on their product names. For example the personal assistance of the new iphone 4S (with the faulty battery) Siri, sounds a lot like "shiri" which in Japanese it translates to "ass"... Can you imagine saying in Japanese "Yes iPhone support? My Siri seems to be broken... I can't get it to work..." You 'd probably be asked to call a proctologist... That would be a bit embarrassing...

Do you remember the Ford Pinto? Yes, in the history of cars it might be the only one that can burst into flames if someone hits you from behind since the tank is almost out of it... To remove this flaw it would cost the company around 120 million dollars. But the potential payout to its victims was 50 million, so... as you already guessed they never fixed it! True story... I tried finding a  pic of it but the only pics of Pintos is like this:
So back to our topic. In Brazil the name means a horse with white and coloured patches... but in slang it also means "male genitalia"... Now I don't know about you, but I don't wanna drive male genitalia... especially ones that might burst into flames if you bump them. Imagine if your balls were made like the Pinto?
Girl: Baby let me play with your balls...
Guy: Nooooo!!! *BOOM*

I also found out why SEGA (short for Service Games) lost the war with Nintendo... Italian slang for SEGA means male masturbation... So when SEGA said in its ads "The more you play it the harder it gets..." You see where this is going... Maybe that's why Wii's controller looks like a dildo? Who knows...

A beer maker named Coors created a mascot with the name Beerwolf for Halloween who had the catchphrase "Turn it Loose". As if that wasn't unfortunate enough when the campaign was broadcasted in Spain something got lost in translation and it came out as "Suffer from diarrhea". Now I don't know about you but the words, Loose, Beer and Diarrhea should be at least 3-4 paragraphs apart from each other.

If you think those names were disasters you will love the next post... Just a preview:

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Trains and dumb people...

Worse thing about dumb people is you can't really avoid them. It's like those movies with the zombie apocalypse theme. You can run but you can't hide. Trains along with other mass transportation vehicles is a without escape dumb-trap. In 50 minutes I managed to get so annoyed that I was a lab accident away from turning into a super villain.
Although I'd probably be doing a public service... 

So back to the story. I had to be somewhere (I can't say it's top secret) so I took the train to go there. I was lucky enough, because the social workers that work on them, decided to actually work that day. Speaking of which... Why dumb people are never on strike... oh wait... So anyway, it's morning and it's rush hour. The moment I walk down the escalators (because some dumb ass pressed the stop button), people that just got out of the train all rush to the exits like a bomb was about to explode. Of course they don't watch where they walk to, and 2-3 of them fall on me, looking at me angry and without apologizing, while I am on the side, that is supposedly for the people that enter the station, not for the ones leaving it... Again I restrain myself from tackling someone in front of me...
And the moment you say "How many stupid people I will see today..." Murphy ('s law) appears in front of me. The ticket vending machines are all out of order except for one and there is no one in the ticket booth... 15 people wait to get a ticket... The queue moves at super speed... Elderly take their ticket faster than some dumb asses that haven't seen a machine before in their life... Not a vending machine... any machine! At last I get my ticket and go down the (stopped) escalators where a new challenge appears...

The train will arrive in 5 minutes... In rush hour... I won't even begin to describe how many people are waiting for the train... I am not in a hurry to be honest so I come to terms that I 'll get the next train. My problem is that from past experience people tend to not like water that much. So you can imagine what happens inside closed spaces... An announcement says that the next train will be here in 2 minutes, so don't push each other to get in and they should let the people aboard the train to get out before they get in... You can probably see where this is going...
So the train stops and while I don't intend to get in an elderly lady takes matters into her hands...
She tries to block me from getting in so she can enter herself... I try to move back when people from the back don't see that it's impossible to get in. Kinda makes you wonder about the group logic. When people see someone in a group do something good they don't follow him. While if he tries to do something dumb everyone will do it... go figure...

I wait for the next train that arrives shortly and of course there are enough people moaning about the trains being late and so on... I am bothered by it too, but bitching about it won't fix anything, so why don't they shut up? Laughter and bitching brings people together I guess? The whole us vs them psychology thing... 

I get inside along with the rest and as usual someone stands with his back on the central pole where we are supposed to hold. First thought I am having is: 
but I suppress it quickly when someone lifts his hand and I am faced with a smelly armpit... I try to move away before I suicide someone and then is when we arrive on the next station and more people get in... And when I say more, I mean more than the train can carry. So people push and pull and scream at each other to move... Beautiful... When we start moving at last, I listen to an announcement saying, to keep an eye to our "personal" belongings. First off... I can't even move my hands to do anything, so I doubt anyone can actually steal anything. And to quote George Carlin: " What other belongings are there except for personal? Do these people thing I would actually travel with a fountain I stole from the park?".

So we arrive at my station and I have to push some people, since they don't get that there might be someone behind them that wants to get off the train. And when I think everything is over I get a glimpse of who rides the elevator... Two high heeled blondes and an older man staring at their boobs... I facepalm myself and leave... Oh, and yes the escalators don't work also... My day started so good... 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Tattoos, piercings, hair dyes for dumb people

I try so hard not to be bad and judgemental... I honestly try but some people don't let me... Before we start I have a rule in my life. And that rule is balance in all things. Never too much of something but never too little. And another thing I should say is that I have nothing against tattoos, piercings and dying the hair... I don't have and do any of those but I respect the people that have em and do em... Up to a point.
You see, this is normal:
This is cute:
And this is cool:
I won't bother with normal hair dyes. You probably know the natural (or almost natural) colours. All the above have some things in common. They are... well common. Meaning socially acceptable. You can probably get any job you want without it affecting your job interview. At the same time its aesthetically pleasing. Meaning a grandma won't ask a priest to remove the demon from inside you and I will not start laughing when I see it. At the same time I won't be afraid when we get hot and heavy that I 'll eat your piercing or hurt/kill you if I "move" the wrong way. For your shake you won't transform yourself into something you weren't supposed to be. You are a human. Deal with it. 
Now if you are like the pics below you are doing it wrong:
For aesthetic reasons I won't post more pics. But you get the point. I don't care if you don't care what people say, you embarrass the "normal" people you are hanging with. We know you are unique and shit but at least the first two pics are a bit too much don't you think? Don't ask people
Because I 'd answer "I am looking at an:
whats your excuse for looking like that?" 
Now if you look like Paris I wouldn't mind looking at you. But when you cross the fine line (highway?) from human to something else, I think you should look yourself at the mirror and do a reality check. I mean seriously, did someone actually came to you and said "wow bro those eye piercings look so good on you! Shall I tattoo my face with a dick too?". And when I say someone, I mean someone normal. Who will take you seriously or offer you a job? Your parents would be saying their friends "My son? Oh yes he is an artist... what does he do? Oh he paints... his body... and he puts holes on it too! He makes us so proud..." 
Not normal =
Normal = 
(Would you prefer another normal pic??)
So there you have it. Tattoos, Piercings and hair dyes are great when you know how much is too much. We live in a society and we must play with its rules. On the other hand if everyone you know does what you do and you don't see anyone else... then good for you! I will still call you a dumb ass though. From all three, hair colour is the least dumb. I mean if you are an anime character... I wouldn't mind... Especially if you dressed like this:
So if you look like that do everyone a favour and... Message me!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Dumb people on TV

Everyone knows I hate dumb people, (If not you should check yourself). In my mind dumb is similar to lazy. Because let's face it back in the day (it might have been Monday), people only had books. You didn't know how to read, pretty much you were doomed to be dumb, especially if you didn't go to school. But honestly being dumb isn't just about knowledge. It's also about common sense and amongst other things it's about not talking about things you have no idea about.
My mother for example, got married before she was 15. She never finished school but she was always with a book in her hands. Even today she watches documentaries and researches everything on the net. She is one of the smartest women I know (that's why she ruined me for every other woman). 

So this brings me to my next point. At today's age where all information is free a person has no excuse to be dumb. Being dumb today means you are probably lazy. OK I know there are some people that were born with some mental problems etc. I don't speak about them. I speak about normal everyday people.

Now if you are not the smartest toy in the box, I believe you 'd start suspecting it. I mean those awkward smiles when you speak, me running away from you mumbling words like "dumb ass, stupid" etc or people trying to hide their laughter and so on raise some red flags. I think perception has nothing to do with stupidity... I might also be wrong and judging from the next video I probably am:

Seriously? Europe is a country? Hungary - Hungry...? Girls I have to tell you the truth. Being pretty or beautiful doesn't give you this:
You can't ignore your education because you are beautiful. And men don't laugh I know more men that are handsome and they are dumber than rocks. But I 'll get to you in a future post.

So to my point if you suspect you are stupid why go to a TV game like that? Go to a game of "Flip the coin" or whatever. I mean don't you have any sympathy for the rest of the human kind? Stay home in front of your mirror and look how pretty you are. I like pretty girls. I like 'em even if they are dumb. But I like the silent types... So... Shhh.

Another example I found:
Come on... Do you even need education to know that? If you were born for more than 10 years I believe you would start suspecting that the Moon is larger than an elephant... If you don't know that why go to a friggin knowledge game? And people that know you didn't try to stop you? If they didn't you better start making some new friends. Some people try to find about "string theory" (not that string you dumb ass), and some don't know how to talk.

To be perfectly honest that girl might have been stressed about the whole thing but still it pains my heart to see people like that. I rest my case.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"I see dumb people..."

Have no fear Silver is here... I bring you news... It seems that more and more people see how dumb most of the population is and they make even videos about it. I just saw a video which was a combo of 6th sense and Blair Witch Project! It actually made me laugh because I can feel him. As he says dumb people are like an epidemic nowadays. They are all around us... They might even be next to you as you read this! Stop looking at the people around you now... They 'll know you know...

I think he must have seen this video and he got so scared with humankind:

Funny thing is that this video was uploaded at Valentine's day... Most people go on dates on that day... Imagine how pissed off he must have been that he/she took the time to upload that video... Whoever you are... Thank you! I laughed a lot with it and I kinda got embarrassed for being a human... but hey you can't have everything...

Watching all these kinda answers the question "Why aliens haven't contacted us yet...". I mean can you imagine an alien watching youtube and seeing these videos? While he was in orbit in his shiny spacecraft he 'd be like "Fuck that" and warp his alien ass in a galaxy far far away. "Let's come back in another 100 years..."

We are a dumb species folks. Just because we have Guinness Records and history and heroic stories... That doesn't say much. I don't see anyone keeping a record of dumb things people do. Can you imagine keeping records of those? You 'd fill up a wikipedia in no time -Dumb-o-pedia-. It's all Public Relations so yeah... Humans rock! We have this, ehm how we call it...? Oh yes! Logic... Ehm wait, not all of us... Ok, common sense! Not that too... What was it then? The thing that makes us better than animals? Hmm...

On the other hand they do offer us some laughs so I 'll let 'em be for today...

Monday, October 17, 2011

People with cell phones

They call them smart phones... I can't say the same for the people that use them. At least most of them. These are some things that annoy me and I am sure they annoy you too.

  • You go out with a friend and when you stop talking about something he takes the phone out or someone calls them and they start talking for like 15-20 minutes and you stay there looking at him and a little bubble appears on your head with the "WTF" in it. Isn't it common sense that when you are out with someone... oh wait...
  • Driving and using your phone... in any way... in any part of your body. And no hands free still makes you lose the concentration driving needs.

  • And that brings us to the hands free thing... Using hands free and still holding your phone kinda beats the purpose of the friggin hands free I think? Also supposedly you are afraid of the radiation when you talk... So you don't want brain cancer... OK I get that... Unless you hold your phone like it has the plague again it's useless. If you don't get brain cancer you 'll get cancer somewhere else (where you hold your phone when you talk in the hands free). Same thing. 
  • Religious wallpapers... Seriously?
  • Some places need a sign saying: "I 'll break your phone if it rings". Places include and are not limited to: Cinema, Meetings, Theaters, Opera, Plane, Dates and so on...

  • If walking is too difficult for some people when they talk to the phone they should stop using it. If I see another pedestrian talking to his/her phone and a car is about to hit him/her I will probably block his road so the car can hit him/her.

  • Stop talking about your personal stuff in the phone... We can listen to you... And we don't want to... Unless you are a girl and you describe how you had sex with yourself or with someone else. Don't start crying in the middle of nowhere...

  • Personally I have never lost my phone... Ever. You know why? Because my brain is inside my head everywhere.
  • If you are one of the people that loses their phone or others have access to it... don't store nude pics of you in it... or similar pics...
  • You have a cell phone because you want to stay connected with others... When someone calls you pick it up. You drive and you talk to it... I doubt you can't do the same when you cook, watch tv or you masturbate. Just stop what you were doing and answer it. Have you thought that someone might need you and you ignore him because you were too bored to stand up from the couch? I 'll understand if you are in a location where you can't pick it up. At least call back. I bet I can fight the murderer/burglar for a few minutes...
  • If I listen to another stupid ring tone I swear I 'll break some one's phone or head. You know who you are.
  • Women understand this: We ask your phone number so we can call you. If you give us your number and/or tell us to call you we expect you to pick it up... I know it's a complex concept so I 'll let you think about it...
  • People that pretend to speak in the phone when they don't. Who you are trying to impress really?
  • If you send me a 4 sms combo at once or a "what's up" I won't answer you. Either call me or write a blog.
  • People that only send sms and they don't talk when you call them... You need a therapist... Seriously.
  • If you like a woman don't sms her... Call her. You 'll thank me. I will explain in my other blog why.
  • If you talk to someone and they don't hear you don't put the phone in front of you and start talking.
  • If you talk to someone and the phone disconnects the person that called will probably call again. Don't both call each other at the same time for the next 5 minutes and then you stop and you both wait 5 more minutes for someone to call first.
  • When you call ME have something interesting to tell me. Don't call me and we both stay there staring at  anything that is in front of us without talking. It's a communication device. Use it to communicate not bore me.

  • When you call me and it's obvious I was sleeping, no matter what you tell me or tell you I won't remember it later.
  • Scenario: Night out with friends. You drink and you listen to love songs. Do yourself a favour and ask someone to keep your phone. You are bound to call a girl or a guy and embarrass yourself. And worse you won't remember it next morning.
  • Why call me by hiding your number? Are you the FBI? Am I the FBI?
Those are some of the things that annoy me from the top of my head... 

    Saturday, October 15, 2011

    Why facebook sucks (part 3)

    This is the dating part of the chain, so here goes:
    • I know some people (me included) that could actually get dates from facebook. But guess what? Most people can't. First off attraction happens because of some factors like: mystery, social proof, achievements, living life to the fullest, a sense of style and so on. Now if you have in your profiles pictures like the ones previously mentioned and the last time you hugged a woman, was your sister or cousin, then no matter what woman you ll talk to, she 'll be in her mind "out of your league". Especially when you have some of the qualities I mentioned before, talking to her for hours on facebook (if you are lucky and she doesn't ignore you because of the other 15 messages she gets from horny men like yourself) won't accomplish anything. Wanna meet her? Move from facebook to msn, she doesn't have msn? get her number, and again don't spend too much time talking to her. Some girls won't meet you no matter what. Just move to the next, don't waste time just because she is "special". She isn't. Talking to her for a year won't make her wake up one day and say "wow I am so attracted to this guy". She ll probably use you to let some steam, because the guy she met doesn't return her calls or even worse because she is so in love with a guy that you are probably better than him. (I 'll make another blog about this if people are interested. So leave comments so I know).
    • You meet a girl out and you hit it off. You like each other and when the crucial time, of you asking her phone number comes, what do you do? "Hey give me your facebook!". Nice one dumb ass. You just made the whole interaction go backwards! So, you ask her to add you on facebook, where other 1000 men are in (probably more if she is hot) and you think you 'll make a difference. First off if your profile doesn't have the above qualities you just shoot yourself in the leg. "He was interesting when we talked, but from what I see in his fb profile all he does is go to football games and play Xbox with his friends" that's what she 'll say to her girlfriends about you. Also where is the mystery of her meeting you and knowing you, when she can just see your facebook and know all there is to know. Next time get her friggin number and meet up another time. Don't be a dumb ass!
    • If you are a lady's man you probably had this scenario happen to you: "I saw your profile and you have so many pictures with women... are you a player?" or what I mentioned in a previous part, you meet 2 women on different dates for the first time and both ask you out in the same day after this. So you tell the least attractive one that you can't make it because "_enter excuse here_" and you end up going out with the other one. And then when you are sleeping, assuming you didn't end up in her or your place, she leaves a wall message saying that she had a great time with you TONIGHT. You can imagine the rest... Especially if other random girls end up in the hate convo. (I have to say if you want a better social network Google+ offers circles to put your friends in which don't let them interact with each other if you don't want em to.)
    • This girl with her tits out and the one that asks "who wants a blow job or sex" is a guy in a woman's profile. Just delete and block. If you ever met a woman before in your life no one offers free blow jobs. And even the ones that do there are strings attached... in this case probably balls attached.
    • If you are into a relationship, all someone needs to do to break you up or make you have a huge fight with your gf is leave a message like this: "I know you told me you ll break up with your gf but after yesterday's sex I am feeling like I fall for you... 5 times! this can't be anything else that love... Btw I wore today that swarovski necklace you got me... I still think it's too expensive for first gift... But thank you xoxo". Need I say more?
    • Finally, I might be a bit off here but I think Facebook drops your IQ. Or at least as someone said "It's better to not talk and be thought a fool, than open your mouth and remove any doubt". There is no other explanation for these: (taken from

    Out of topic but I could't resist!

    -=End of facebook rant=-
    (for now...)

    Thursday, October 13, 2011

    Facebook Sucks (Part 2)

    • Steal your profile and upload it, as their own. Yes I am talking to you curious man that you just wanna pretend being a girl to see what men say to them, to pick them up or you just wanna have fun with the rest of the dumbass men. Funny thing is, when 2 men that pretend to have female profiles start talking. One of them is bound to play the lesbian and the other one says "wow a girl wants to have fun with another (?) girl! Let’s see where this goes". It is gay no matter how you see it. I swear for every 5 facebook profiles there is at least one fake.
    • Many thought I was making too much fun of women in part 1 so I’ll make it up to you! I hate when men (mostly) break up and start whining how women are sluts and there are no honest women. Then they post statuses like: “Another lonely night with a bottle of Vodka thinking of you”, “Who needs you when I can get any woman I like” (which is why most men end up with their ex’s after a reasonable time… because they can’t get laid if their life depended on it), “I can’t believe how I lost you” and many more. Now don’t get me wrong but… I DON’T FUCKING CARE ABOUT YOUR DATING LIFE! Especially when I know most of the times it was your fault! (I’ll get to this in another post). Stop fighting in other people’s comments and stop trying to hurt each other in front of innocent bystanders.
    • The next category is something you all know:

    • This happens especially when some random dude from the girl with the 5000 friends makes a “dirty” comment on a pic of hers and her boyfriend comes to her rescue… Seriously guys? After fighting in the wild with wild animals, thousands of years of wars and this is where testosterone ended up? I’ll hurt you behind a screen? Here’s an idea. Meet up, break each other’s faces and then post pics in facebook and before you do we’ll put bets on each of you. Although this will end up in another tough guy dialog “I wasn’t wearing my lucky boxers when I faced you”, “My mother was in the hospital and I wasn’t in the mood to fight”, “My little grasshopper was sick at home” and so on…
    • Next thing that pisses me off… Well they say a picture is worth thousand words so:
      Come on people no one wants to see these… Not to mention the poor girl/dude that you tagged without his knowledge and he/she is toast till she logs in again to remove the tag. Don’t try to make bulimic with the stupid shit you upload. There is always the finger in the mouth.
    • Facebook became the best detective since it was created. Wanna see where your gf/bf is? Log on facebook. Is he/she in? Is he/she active? Nice. What about your friend that said he’ll be out in a date or with a group of people you don’t know? Did he just say this to avoid you? Nice… Are you a lady’s man? You ended up going out this week with 3 different women? But one of them posted on your wall “I had a great time yesterday” when you said to the other two that yesterday you were ill and in bed…? Nice… I can move on but you get the drill. Funniest thing and the most representative example of a dumb person:

    • This is a mostly about women but some “men” do it too… Do you remember these people that get so excited when they find a new man/girl? Their facebook looks like rainbows and little ponies and butterflies… “We will always be together”, “I love you so much”, “you are the one” and so on. And don’t get me wrong (again), I have no problem with people sharing how much they love each other. But they can do it in inbox, in the streets, in one status a day, in their walls, in their pictures, in space and so on. Not flood other people’s streams with your “love”. We know who you are. We know you’ll say the same in the next guy/girl you’ll meet and you did to the 7 previous guys/girls before this one. And when you are 17-18 please we all been there. Chances are you won’t remember his/her name in 4-5 years.

    -=End of Part 2=-

    Tuesday, October 11, 2011

    Failbook (Part 1)

    I used to have a facebook page... and then I grew up and filled any insecurity holes I had. Because let's face it, this constant quest for approval, self hate and love, making people see how lucky or well unlucky you are, seeking envy and compassion, trying to find a date in a secure(?) environment for both men and women for different reasons and many more, has its roots in stupidity and insecurity.

    But let's analyze things with my flawless logic and common sense which nowadays tends to be a super power:

    • Why else would you start posting in your facebook page "Wow I had so much fun today.", "This chick was all over me", "All men love me and I can walk all over them" and so on. I call that insecurity. Especially when I know 9 out of 10 times the person that writes it, lies, is on the verge of depression, hasn't had sex since the last Olympic Games and tries to show the world how great his/her life is before he/she starts crying on his/her empty bed.
    • Women (mostly) that change their relationship status faster than the speed of light. I swear I used to know girls that were single/in a relationship/complicated/engaged/divorced is a matter of few hours... Seriously? First off I don't care. I don't care if you are in a relationship, you fucked 2 more guys and it became well... complicated and then your boyfriend asked you to forgive him for...  whatever he did to displease your royal vagina so you were forced to have a threesome with his boss and his best friend. And when you didn't forgive the "asshole" (he was a bad person after all... he couldn't talk to you about your period while he was in a meeting in his job, so he deserved it) for cheating on you, because that's what you ll tell your girlfriends to sympathize with you, you end up being married with one of your female friends. At least that gives us some "material" for the night... And speaking of material:
    • Facebook porn. Well not yet, but softcore is as close to it as it can get. I don't know if you have looked at the pic posts on facebook (who do we both kid right?) but the pics especially in summer time compete against softcore porn websites and eventually win because of the homemade/amateur element. Now don't get me wrong I enjoy the eye candy but when it goes from this:

            to this:

    • then its sick and obvious that facebook has other ehm... "hidden" uses. And don't tell me these girls didn't give permission for the pics etc. When you upload something on the web you automatically give permission to everyone to use it. I especially enjoy women in relationships that upload pics like that and then bitch about how people don't respect her relationship for making comments like: "wow nice boobs/ass babe", "your bf is so lucky but if you break up I am here" (can you be more desperate?), "smokin bod", "Take the top/bottom up" and many cute comments like these. You don't respect your own relationship and you expect others to do so? As for their boyfriends... Seriously bro a leash sounds like a good idea when she acts like that. Or some spanking but hell she ll probably enjoy it. And of course this last example is possible because of:
    • Girls with 12 profiles that each have 5000 friends. I can't remember my facial expression when a girl I met asked me to add her on fb and see told me to search her with the letter c in the end... I of course searched without it only to find she had 3 profiles. the first two with 4989 friend each and the second was on the 4000. I don't have to say I didn't add her. Now that I remembered my expression must have been like this:

    So to go back to my previous example, with girls in a relationships that add so many people that they can't filter who can post in their semi nude pics... I can't feel sorry for you, but I can laugh and delete you.

    Monday, October 10, 2011

    Move bitch...

    For some reason people say I am evil because I say people are dumbasses. Ok not all… and I say that because every time I say “People, animals, women, men etc are this and that someone will come up and say: I am not like that or you generalize or not everyone is like that… Ok my smart friends, when I say this I mean the 95% of the population. Obviously when I say people are dumbasses although I am included in the word “People” I exclude myself since I am the observer. I don’t care about the 5% which only shows I am right because every rule has its exceptions. When I say something I mean the 95% of the rule.

    One example I can mention is that today it’s raining… Some people go out with umbrellas and some don’t. Can someone explain to me why the fuck people with umbrellas walk under shit that stop the rain and leave the people that don’t have umbrellas move around them and go through the rain? Why when we walk wherever we never think of others?

    Another example? Escalators in the Metro. The good lady in the speaker says: Please when on the escalator stand in the right side of it. I try to go somewhere fast… and while EVERYONE stands in the right some dumbass stands on the left. Ok, let’s say you didn’t listen to the announcement don’t you see that everyone is on the friggin right side? Are you the smartest, unique person that happened to stand on the left side? I just wanna sneak behind you and scream: MOVE BITCH GET OUT OF THE WAY as Ludacris says. Think of the other people ffs.

    One more example that pisses me off. Narrow pavement, street etc. People suddenly stopping and I am about to fall on them… Or moving so slowly that people around see us like we are in a slow motion replay. I don’t mind you moving slowly. I mind you moving slowly in the middle of the street where I can’t pass you.
    Wow I thought I ‘d be out of material when I started this but they kept coming… Till next time…