Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Pro gun logic in a brilliant comment

Honestly I don't get the whole deal with guns. Maybe my dick is above average and I don't have the need to own 500 guns just to own them. The gun nuts claim that they need guns because in the constitution it says they are useful in case the government tries to take advantage of them (lol). I bet the government with their ballistic missiles, drones and predators are afraid of your assault rifle or your handgun... This s what you look like to the government when you wield your gun:

Honestly I can make more fun of you all but I am kinda busy so here is the post and the epic comment:

Am I sad she lost her life? Of course. It's a tragedy. But the comment is epic nevertheless. Was she her fault for leaving an unattended gun with ammo in it that was not secured in the reach of her toddler? You would think so.

So till next time stay safe and try not to win more Darwin Awards... It's a shame. 

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Aunt doesn't like hugs I guess

Since it's near Christmas I thought I d warn you to avoid hugging people before you are sure they are not psychos. This poor excuse for a human being for example:
(I don't include the page since I don't want to promote someone over someone. It doesn't matter because it's a news story not an opinion)

I do find it funny that it took 4 years for the case to be resolved. Also let's say you win. What's the point? Alienating your sorry ass from the family for I don't know how many dollars? I guess it worked out ok since now you are also alienated, with your reputation gone and with legal fees on your dumb face. Most of the times Karma doesn't win but when it does... It's fucking sweet. 

I kinda feel sorry for the jury that had to go through the whole thing... I bet when they heard the case they were like "Ehm, innocent, can we go grab something to eat now and make fun of her?" Or imagine the Judge's face reading the case... "Hahahaha, man someone must be pranking me. Jack did you send that fake case? It's Hilarious! What? You didn't? It's real??? WTF?"

So if I don't write another post, have a great Christmas day and be aware of those vicious huggers. They are apparently dangerous if you are retarded. Till then:

PS. This is an old news story. It probably happened some month ago.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Facebook Page Posts

Honestly the easiest way for this blog to make you laugh is Facebook posts and most of the time the comments that people make are from hilarious to "are you fucking kidding me?".

So if you wanna lose faith in humanity I will update this blog from now on with Facebook posts and comments. If you are a page that wants to take down the post let me know (although I doubt there is a law about it, forbidding me from posting a public post).

So lets start with this marvel of human ignorance:

I don't know if you are a guy or a girl reading this but if you have any experience in the dating department there are no uncomplicated people. If you think you found one you probably have no idea judging personalities or have an IQ of an amoeba. As I said in the comment (yeah thats me) there is no single guy that ever bragged about dating an uncomplicated women, because no guy ever dated one (unless she was a trans-gendered woman, with a guy brain, but that opens another can or worms). Women is universe's Rubik's cube. Looks fun, but try to solve one that has 10x10 sides and most of the time doesn't want you to solve it because it will call you a patriarchy drone that wants to enslave her or something along these lines... 

Although I am against 99% of Elite Daily's posts, they are hilarious and the authors are probably trolls that just want you to start insulting them for being ignorant so they can make money from the clickbait they post. 

So next time you are thinking wow she is such a mature and uncomplicated either stop the LSD and weed or check if she is so nice to you because she is cheating on you. Men have 2 modes most of the time so we are fairly uncomplicated compared to women. Hungry or Horny. So if you see us without a boner make us a sandwich and we ll love you for ever. And even then we don't understand each other mainly for reasons I will post in the future...

Monday, September 2, 2013

Workplace bullying...

It's kinda funny that while I had this idea of reporting here how employers take advantage of everyone under them, I live in the country where this is the norm.

Especially when the unemployment is so high and when the government favors only the big companies your boss feels like a God. Are you a professional in some field? Get ready to go buy him coffee, pay his bills or even clean his car. And this is just physical punishment. Many people report verbal abuse and even racism is the workplace.

Not to mention that you get paid once per 2-3 months half of what you were supposed to be earn in a month. If you don't like it? Well with an unemployment rate up to 27% (and that's people that have an unemployment card... many people don't even bother getting one, so that means the % is much much bigger...) someone is already out the door and about to steal your job for opening your ungrateful mouth! Of course what happens most of the time is when the company owes you a lot of money in the end it will just file for bankruptcy and there goes your money and compensation...

Another new trend is where you go for an interview and they tell you they at last hire you! You are so happy that after so many interviews and resumes you got the job... And then the boss comes and tells you that you need to be trained! Why you might ask? You already have work experience... "Yes, but not in our company". So you agree... you put your signature down and the boss tells you that the training will last 1-3 months with no pay... You are dumbfounded but hey... At least you got the job right? So the training period starts and he tells you to go to his office to talk. He isn't really happy with your performance so he fires you... Congratulations! You got psyched... You did his job for 3 months and he paid nothing for it... His fault? Hardly...

Another problem is being a woman in the workplace... Some women take advantage of it and they can climb the ladder very very fast... And as much as I might make you mad women do have it easy... Most of the time... If you are fed up with the dumb ass boss you have, you can say "fuck that I am just gonna get married and sit home (and get fat)". Men can't do that. Truth be said, man can't also wear a mini skirt or a V neck (no men, you can't wear a V neck... you know who you are!) and have their way... So the problem is mostly to other men...

As for men, of course you are creating problems for everyone. You ain't on high school anymore, pranks and bullying have no place in the office. Backstabbing and snatching promotions on the other hand... Weeeeell... In regards to men and women, while laws exist so men can't harass the woman out there, let's not forget the huge percentage of people engaging in sex in the workplace... So it's so complicated... Lawsuits after the romance breaks and also imagine how many men or women do this with that in mind. Sometimes these people are already married... So the single one wins... Yes it's called blackmail...

In all seriousness the problem starts in high school and then in college. They teach you everything except on how to not be an employee... Don't get me wrong, you need to find a job to get experience but at some point you need to do something about yourself. No one got rich by being someone else's right hand (at best). Find what you like and just start a business yourself. And don't be an ass in the end of the day. Even if you don't start something don't make other people's life miserable... I have this friend where his supervisor makes the schedule and always he never has to work in weekends while everybody else has... 

Also don't ever agree to work with JUST commission... most of these sales jobs are a scam. Especially the MLM pyramid schemes. Have some dignity and stop bothering me with the "opportunity of a lifetime". There are no shortcuts to success. You either work your ass off or you beg people to join your scam. Better be a con artist... I 'll have more respect for you.

Also no one cares if you are in your period, your girlfriend cheated on you or your sex life sucks. Don't bring these to the workplace. It's very easy to spot the person that is butt hurt all the time. And in the end minimum wage is based on what people are OK with to work for. If they pay you too little don't work. And also if everyone did that the minimum wage would skyrocket. I don't care how you will live, pay a month or two with your credit card. Again if EVERYONE did it then the pay would depend on the people and not the bosses.

OK, now that I am done with my ideological crap and knowing how stupid people are I know this is never gonna happen but hey! till then make sure to complain your ass off from your couch on how the "system" is choking you while you sit in your sofa in front of the PC and you ask everyone to do a revolution for you...

And if you have actually ever worked anywhere you 'd recognize the following scene:

Friday, June 21, 2013

They take advantage of you in the workplace?

So for my next post, I will need your help. I want to first say R-E-S-P-E-C-T to the people in Brazil and Turkey for going against the oppression of their government. Makes me proud to be a human being. On the other hand Greece... let's not even go there.
So what I want is for you to post in comments on in my Facebook page or message me your stories of you being take advantage in the workplace. Like unpaid extra hours, being forced to do stuff you aren't supposed to and so on. I will post them unanimously and I will only include position (law, waiting and so on) and country. So if you are up for it please let me know.
This is something that needs to get out there so people don't think all is fair and fun when you finally find a job in today's economy.
So my next post will be for all of you as a tribute for being fans for so long even when I was absent. Thank you!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

BBC Documentary about stupidity

I haven't watched this yet but it seems interesting. I 'll leave this here for your viewing pleasure! Seems like people realize at last the dangers of this evolutionary defect and made a documentary about it. Have fun watching it!