Sunday, February 12, 2017

Mainstream Media and Fake News

I think there was never a media narrative so outrageous and against free speech than the one about "fake news". When they lost the elections by smearing Trump in any way possible, they realized that they can't control the internet with propaganda like they did with the TV and radio. Most of us can actually double check and fact check (politico and snopes are so left leaning you can more or less say they are faker than fake news) the info out there. Many liberals and center left people like myself was tired of listening to Hillary's identity politics, the whole "well she is not great but better than Trump" or "yes sure she has many scandals but Trump said the f word" and finally something that disqualifies you as a candidate like this:
Ignore the dramatic take and concentrate on what she says and what the US general at the end says. So I am like "Hillary... yeah... no". I don't really fancy getting involved in WW3 while the aliens laugh at our stupidity. I said as a joke in the past that in another time line Hillary won and Trump and his cabinet came back to the past to prevent her from becoming the president and start WW3 that would wipe us out.

So of course the media spin the story as to "Would you trust Trump with the nuclear codes?". I wouldn't trust Hillary with my dirty laundry let alone the nuke codes. So Trump and the right embraced the term and started throwing it back to the media. It was hilarious. That was the MSM self destruct with the term they invented. If people don't research you cannot come and say "hey we ll research for you". That's censoring the other side. Everybody has an agenda. I wouldn't trust anyone to tell me what's going on unless I research it myself. Remember the polls?
 Now the same MSM hold polls saying nobody likes or agrees with Trump and many non issues. We are supposed to believe any of these with your credibility destroyed? What happened as I said earlier is many people that had at least 3 brain cells working got turned off by the left and moved to the right. Liberals are on the right nowadays. Dave Rubin? on the right. Sargon of Akkad? on the right. Many youtubers that used to hate the right are now there. Kinda obvious why if you ask me. Also the whole war about white males being the devil... Good job alienating everyone. 

There is so much I can say about instances the MSM fucked up so I will just post them here since I tend to post them all the time on facebook. Take a look at them and ask yourselves. Why we even watch these people?

 Remember when the media kept exposing Hillary and her lies? oh wait...

Also remember the whole golden shower thing with buzzfeed and CNN? Search google with this: "buzzfeed gets trolled by 4chan". You know most of what the media say is bullshit. Reporting like this: "anonymous sources, people say, allegedly, intel, etc" when no one is taking the blame or responsibility I am sorry but I cannot believe you. That's like saying my cousin's mom heard from her friend's father, that the daughter of the mailman said that his ex was cheating on him with his ex's bf when... and so on. Be smart about it. News is not gossip. You have (at least for now) google and myriad of other search machines where you can research everything you hear and read. Use it.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

"Dear White people" By Netflix

Seriously what the fucking fuck? "Dear White people"? Didn't MTV pull that shit like a month ago and decided to take down the video because it got so many down votes and people in comments were flaming it? Now Netflix wants to put out an original series showing how all white people are racists... How does that even work? How this is not hate speech? Yes some white people are racists, yes some black people are racists, yes some asian people are racists... People from all races have individuals that are racists.
1629 upvotes/25.939 downvotes

When did it become the norm to blame white people about every single thing? Even black people on the youtube video of the series are like "WTF is this bullshit?". Can you imagine the backlash if the series was names "Dear black people"? The media would talk about it for the next decade. Can you believe the mentally disabled person that was tortured like a month ago by four black people, seeing this garbage? I 'd sue Netflix so hard I d make them pay me for 10 generations. 

Don't they understand this is doing nothing for race relations and it takes us back decades? Normalizing that white people are to blame for everything will make black people stop trying to get highschool degrees and get out of the poor neighborhoods (which Democrats want them to stay so they can get votes so the people will keep getting welfare) and just blame white people for their situation. For a quick comparison Asians are a minority with less people in the US than black people and in average they get more degrees than white people and get paid also more. Soooo... Keeping down just one race is kinda hard. 

If I am not mistake in Chicago when Obama was the president, they had a black mayor and a black police chief... So how is it possible to have 3 black people in power and white people keeping you down? Black people are 13% of the population and commit around 40+% of the crime. More black people die from other black people. How shows like that don't incite violence against white people? People nowadays can't go out wearing MAGA hats because the media normalized violence against Trump supporters. 

Even if someone is racist as long as he doesn't act based on his racism or he doesn't speak to you in a rude way, you can't and shouldn't do anything to them. You can't punish ideas. Because when you make him a victim he will be able to blame you for his racism and people will follow him/her and retaliate against you. You can't just use violence for ideas and opinions someone holds.

Most black people I know, know all these shit because they are common sense. So Netflix I am sorry but even though you put lately some good shows, I will un-subscribe from your service. You can't shit on your customers and expect them to just take it. Like the left even from a logical stand point when your viewers/voters are the majority white people, you can't just tell them to fuck off. 
 the dindunuffins

Finally I want to address the main protagonists of this "white people are what's evil in this world". You friggin idiots, yes I am talking to you guilt ridden white people of the left. Stop hating yourselves and your race. It's mostly white people from the left hating on white people and not blacks. BLM supporters are mostly whites and not blacks. If you don't like the west go and live to Africa or the Middle East. Let me know how that goes. Go visit a psychiatrist or something. Stop with this bullshit.

PS. Some people tell me that I don't post sources and this is my answer: You need to learn to research and double check everyone's claims. Be it your party or the oppositions, people you like and you don't like. This is the reason the fake news narrative came up in the first place. Because people just chew whatever the media feeds them without checking the facts. Use Google and do your research. Find left and right media claims and the truth will be obvious to you. Truth is what you should put first. Not parties, teams, race etc.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Democrats, the Electoral College and the Russians

Let's say we play Chess. We have agreed to the rules before hand and in the past, players all over the world have won and lost games based on these rules. But this time I have 5 pieces remaining on the board and you have 8. In a stroke of luck and skill I manage to trap your king and I win. Every reasonable player would admit his loss. Grand masters all over the world and throughout the history have played this game and can't argue when they lose because in chess you can't cheat. Yet somehow you argue that the rules are stupid and since you had 8 chess pieces you should be the one that won...

Welcome to the current year ladies and gentlemen... The left after losing the election now blame the electoral college even months after their loss. The popular vote they say is the way to go. Yet I know at least 3 other presidents that won the same way. Bush, Hayes and Harrison. In all these cases Democrats won the next elections but somehow forgot to address the issue with the electoral college. In other words changing the rules. Yet they do like to complain about it. Now they say it must be abolished... But is that a good thing? And why Republicans tend to lose the popular vote. Me being an ex left center and ex democrat wanted to investigate it. Because let's face it I prefer the truth over a political affiliation. Even if Trump did Tweet in the past about the disaster the electoral college is he wasn't a politician back then but Hillary also didn't support gay marriage in the past so... Call it a draw?

First you need to understand why the Electoral college is needed. The United states has the size of more or less a continent. See Australia or Europe for example. Every state is more or less a small country. New York's citizens have other needs, and Kansas has other needs. The people living in these places have different jobs and when they want something it rarely is the same as the people in other states. Given how people tend to live in big cities in the coast that makes the states in the middle obsolete in their minds. "What do I care what a factory worker wants and needs" is most likely what they think.

But the industries in the middle of the country is what keeps the US economy booming. Not everyone can be a real estate agent, or a wall street investor. The country needs, factory workers, coal miners, etc which are as important as the previous category for the economy of the US. These people lost many jobs in the previous 8+ years because with the TPP and NAFTA their jobs were shipped to other countries. I can mention more problems that appeared due to these issues but I think you start to get the point.

The needs of the people are not the same. The founding fathers knew that. They also knew that there would come a point in history where people will listen to demagogues (media) and won't have a clear view of the candidate they want and need. Just because a city has more citizens than a whole state that doesn't mean that the people in the city are more important.
But I hear you saying yes but more than 2+ million people voted for Hillary. Let me show you a picture to make it more clear to you. How would you like it if the blue areas in the map controlled the red areas in the map? Would it seem fair?
These are the counties of the US. Trump won 2.626 and Hillary won 487. (last time I checked at least). Does it appear more fair now to you? Because it is. 

Now who are the voters and why the Republicans tend to lose the popular vote? I would love to go into a huge analysis but I bet you 'll sleep right in the middle of it so here is the pew research link with all the info you need. Given to follow my blog means you have the brain power to understand the stats, that will make you understand why Republicans lose the popular vote.

As a final note I want to add something about the media. Here is a picture of before and after the elections:

It's sad to see the media working as propaganda machines for the Democrats. At least try to be consistent. This will probably be my next post. I know I will lose followers like this but as I said truth is my priority and I won't pull punches when Trump fucks up too.

That's all from me. Take care!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Pro gun logic in a brilliant comment

Honestly I don't get the whole deal with guns. Maybe my dick is above average and I don't have the need to own 500 guns just to own them. The gun nuts claim that they need guns because in the constitution it says they are useful in case the government tries to take advantage of them (lol). I bet the government with their ballistic missiles, drones and predators are afraid of your assault rifle or your handgun... This s what you look like to the government when you wield your gun:

Honestly I can make more fun of you all but I am kinda busy so here is the post and the epic comment:

Am I sad she lost her life? Of course. It's a tragedy. But the comment is epic nevertheless. Was she her fault for leaving an unattended gun with ammo in it that was not secured in the reach of her toddler? You would think so.

So till next time stay safe and try not to win more Darwin Awards... It's a shame. 

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Aunt doesn't like hugs I guess

Since it's near Christmas I thought I d warn you to avoid hugging people before you are sure they are not psychos. This poor excuse for a human being for example:
(I don't include the page since I don't want to promote someone over someone. It doesn't matter because it's a news story not an opinion)

I do find it funny that it took 4 years for the case to be resolved. Also let's say you win. What's the point? Alienating your sorry ass from the family for I don't know how many dollars? I guess it worked out ok since now you are also alienated, with your reputation gone and with legal fees on your dumb face. Most of the times Karma doesn't win but when it does... It's fucking sweet. 

I kinda feel sorry for the jury that had to go through the whole thing... I bet when they heard the case they were like "Ehm, innocent, can we go grab something to eat now and make fun of her?" Or imagine the Judge's face reading the case... "Hahahaha, man someone must be pranking me. Jack did you send that fake case? It's Hilarious! What? You didn't? It's real??? WTF?"

So if I don't write another post, have a great Christmas day and be aware of those vicious huggers. They are apparently dangerous if you are retarded. Till then:

PS. This is an old news story. It probably happened some month ago.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Facebook Page Posts

Honestly the easiest way for this blog to make you laugh is Facebook posts and most of the time the comments that people make are from hilarious to "are you fucking kidding me?".

So if you wanna lose faith in humanity I will update this blog from now on with Facebook posts and comments. If you are a page that wants to take down the post let me know (although I doubt there is a law about it, forbidding me from posting a public post).

So lets start with this marvel of human ignorance:

I don't know if you are a guy or a girl reading this but if you have any experience in the dating department there are no uncomplicated people. If you think you found one you probably have no idea judging personalities or have an IQ of an amoeba. As I said in the comment (yeah thats me) there is no single guy that ever bragged about dating an uncomplicated women, because no guy ever dated one (unless she was a trans-gendered woman, with a guy brain, but that opens another can or worms). Women is universe's Rubik's cube. Looks fun, but try to solve one that has 10x10 sides and most of the time doesn't want you to solve it because it will call you a patriarchy drone that wants to enslave her or something along these lines... 

Although I am against 99% of Elite Daily's posts, they are hilarious and the authors are probably trolls that just want you to start insulting them for being ignorant so they can make money from the clickbait they post. 

So next time you are thinking wow she is such a mature and uncomplicated either stop the LSD and weed or check if she is so nice to you because she is cheating on you. Men have 2 modes most of the time so we are fairly uncomplicated compared to women. Hungry or Horny. So if you see us without a boner make us a sandwich and we ll love you for ever. And even then we don't understand each other mainly for reasons I will post in the future...