Thursday, February 9, 2017

"Dear White people" By Netflix

Seriously what the fucking fuck? "Dear White people"? Didn't MTV pull that shit like a month ago and decided to take down the video because it got so many down votes and people in comments were flaming it? Now Netflix wants to put out an original series showing how all white people are racists... How does that even work? How this is not hate speech? Yes some white people are racists, yes some black people are racists, yes some asian people are racists... People from all races have individuals that are racists.
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When did it become the norm to blame white people about every single thing? Even black people on the youtube video of the series are like "WTF is this bullshit?". Can you imagine the backlash if the series was names "Dear black people"? The media would talk about it for the next decade. Can you believe the mentally disabled person that was tortured like a month ago by four black people, seeing this garbage? I 'd sue Netflix so hard I d make them pay me for 10 generations. 

Don't they understand this is doing nothing for race relations and it takes us back decades? Normalizing that white people are to blame for everything will make black people stop trying to get highschool degrees and get out of the poor neighborhoods (which Democrats want them to stay so they can get votes so the people will keep getting welfare) and just blame white people for their situation. For a quick comparison Asians are a minority with less people in the US than black people and in average they get more degrees than white people and get paid also more. Soooo... Keeping down just one race is kinda hard. 

If I am not mistake in Chicago when Obama was the president, they had a black mayor and a black police chief... So how is it possible to have 3 black people in power and white people keeping you down? Black people are 13% of the population and commit around 40+% of the crime. More black people die from other black people. How shows like that don't incite violence against white people? People nowadays can't go out wearing MAGA hats because the media normalized violence against Trump supporters. 

Even if someone is racist as long as he doesn't act based on his racism or he doesn't speak to you in a rude way, you can't and shouldn't do anything to them. You can't punish ideas. Because when you make him a victim he will be able to blame you for his racism and people will follow him/her and retaliate against you. You can't just use violence for ideas and opinions someone holds.

Most black people I know, know all these shit because they are common sense. So Netflix I am sorry but even though you put lately some good shows, I will un-subscribe from your service. You can't shit on your customers and expect them to just take it. Like the left even from a logical stand point when your viewers/voters are the majority white people, you can't just tell them to fuck off. 
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Finally I want to address the main protagonists of this "white people are what's evil in this world". You friggin idiots, yes I am talking to you guilt ridden white people of the left. Stop hating yourselves and your race. It's mostly white people from the left hating on white people and not blacks. BLM supporters are mostly whites and not blacks. If you don't like the west go and live to Africa or the Middle East. Let me know how that goes. Go visit a psychiatrist or something. Stop with this bullshit.

PS. Some people tell me that I don't post sources and this is my answer: You need to learn to research and double check everyone's claims. Be it your party or the oppositions, people you like and you don't like. This is the reason the fake news narrative came up in the first place. Because people just chew whatever the media feeds them without checking the facts. Use Google and do your research. Find left and right media claims and the truth will be obvious to you. Truth is what you should put first. Not parties, teams, race etc.

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