Sunday, February 12, 2017

Mainstream Media and Fake News

I think there was never a media narrative so outrageous and against free speech than the one about "fake news". When they lost the elections by smearing Trump in any way possible, they realized that they can't control the internet with propaganda like they did with the TV and radio. Most of us can actually double check and fact check (politico and snopes are so left leaning you can more or less say they are faker than fake news) the info out there. Many liberals and center left people like myself was tired of listening to Hillary's identity politics, the whole "well she is not great but better than Trump" or "yes sure she has many scandals but Trump said the f word" and finally something that disqualifies you as a candidate like this:
Ignore the dramatic take and concentrate on what she says and what the US general at the end says. So I am like "Hillary... yeah... no". I don't really fancy getting involved in WW3 while the aliens laugh at our stupidity. I said as a joke in the past that in another time line Hillary won and Trump and his cabinet came back to the past to prevent her from becoming the president and start WW3 that would wipe us out.

So of course the media spin the story as to "Would you trust Trump with the nuclear codes?". I wouldn't trust Hillary with my dirty laundry let alone the nuke codes. So Trump and the right embraced the term and started throwing it back to the media. It was hilarious. That was the MSM self destruct with the term they invented. If people don't research you cannot come and say "hey we ll research for you". That's censoring the other side. Everybody has an agenda. I wouldn't trust anyone to tell me what's going on unless I research it myself. Remember the polls?
 Now the same MSM hold polls saying nobody likes or agrees with Trump and many non issues. We are supposed to believe any of these with your credibility destroyed? What happened as I said earlier is many people that had at least 3 brain cells working got turned off by the left and moved to the right. Liberals are on the right nowadays. Dave Rubin? on the right. Sargon of Akkad? on the right. Many youtubers that used to hate the right are now there. Kinda obvious why if you ask me. Also the whole war about white males being the devil... Good job alienating everyone. 

There is so much I can say about instances the MSM fucked up so I will just post them here since I tend to post them all the time on facebook. Take a look at them and ask yourselves. Why we even watch these people?

 Remember when the media kept exposing Hillary and her lies? oh wait...

Also remember the whole golden shower thing with buzzfeed and CNN? Search google with this: "buzzfeed gets trolled by 4chan". You know most of what the media say is bullshit. Reporting like this: "anonymous sources, people say, allegedly, intel, etc" when no one is taking the blame or responsibility I am sorry but I cannot believe you. That's like saying my cousin's mom heard from her friend's father, that the daughter of the mailman said that his ex was cheating on him with his ex's bf when... and so on. Be smart about it. News is not gossip. You have (at least for now) google and myriad of other search machines where you can research everything you hear and read. Use it.