Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Democrats, the Electoral College and the Russians

Let's say we play Chess. We have agreed to the rules before hand and in the past, players all over the world have won and lost games based on these rules. But this time I have 5 pieces remaining on the board and you have 8. In a stroke of luck and skill I manage to trap your king and I win. Every reasonable player would admit his loss. Grand masters all over the world and throughout the history have played this game and can't argue when they lose because in chess you can't cheat. Yet somehow you argue that the rules are stupid and since you had 8 chess pieces you should be the one that won...

Welcome to the current year ladies and gentlemen... The left after losing the election now blame the electoral college even months after their loss. The popular vote they say is the way to go. Yet I know at least 3 other presidents that won the same way. Bush, Hayes and Harrison. In all these cases Democrats won the next elections but somehow forgot to address the issue with the electoral college. In other words changing the rules. Yet they do like to complain about it. Now they say it must be abolished... But is that a good thing? And why Republicans tend to lose the popular vote. Me being an ex left center and ex democrat wanted to investigate it. Because let's face it I prefer the truth over a political affiliation. Even if Trump did Tweet in the past about the disaster the electoral college is he wasn't a politician back then but Hillary also didn't support gay marriage in the past so... Call it a draw?

First you need to understand why the Electoral college is needed. The United states has the size of more or less a continent. See Australia or Europe for example. Every state is more or less a small country. New York's citizens have other needs, and Kansas has other needs. The people living in these places have different jobs and when they want something it rarely is the same as the people in other states. Given how people tend to live in big cities in the coast that makes the states in the middle obsolete in their minds. "What do I care what a factory worker wants and needs" is most likely what they think.

But the industries in the middle of the country is what keeps the US economy booming. Not everyone can be a real estate agent, or a wall street investor. The country needs, factory workers, coal miners, etc which are as important as the previous category for the economy of the US. These people lost many jobs in the previous 8+ years because with the TPP and NAFTA their jobs were shipped to other countries. I can mention more problems that appeared due to these issues but I think you start to get the point.

The needs of the people are not the same. The founding fathers knew that. They also knew that there would come a point in history where people will listen to demagogues (media) and won't have a clear view of the candidate they want and need. Just because a city has more citizens than a whole state that doesn't mean that the people in the city are more important.
But I hear you saying yes but more than 2+ million people voted for Hillary. Let me show you a picture to make it more clear to you. How would you like it if the blue areas in the map controlled the red areas in the map? Would it seem fair?
These are the counties of the US. Trump won 2.626 and Hillary won 487. (last time I checked at least). Does it appear more fair now to you? Because it is. 

Now who are the voters and why the Republicans tend to lose the popular vote? I would love to go into a huge analysis but I bet you 'll sleep right in the middle of it so here is the pew research link with all the info you need. Given to follow my blog means you have the brain power to understand the stats, that will make you understand why Republicans lose the popular vote.

As a final note I want to add something about the media. Here is a picture of before and after the elections:

It's sad to see the media working as propaganda machines for the Democrats. At least try to be consistent. This will probably be my next post. I know I will lose followers like this but as I said truth is my priority and I won't pull punches when Trump fucks up too.

That's all from me. Take care!