Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Google auto-complete reads your mind!

As much as I love Google, the auto-complete/prediction algorithm they have when you try to search something is plain genius... and dumb at the same time. Forget Nostradamus, now Google is making all the predictions for you! I took some time searching stuff on Google and you won't believe what people search in it... Here are some of the results:
OK this is wrong in so many levels... What people search on Google is just amazing. For obvious reasons I wont comment further on this!

 In case you can't see it "so I got busy throwing everybody underneath the bus...". Google you can stop now son... You making it worse... Let them finish their sentence. If you were in an interrogation room and acted like Google auto-complete you 'd spill your guts out even for things you didn't commit.

Cop:"So did you..."
Google:"Rob the bank!Killed JFK! Shot the Sheriff! (But I didn't shoot the Deputy)"
Twilight's time will come soon enough in my blog so just wait. And no he isn't a Vampire. A care bear stalker maybe. But a Vampire? Doubtful. And yes he is fictional, can you deal with that?

"Why does my vag smell...". It's a vagina... it's supposed to smell! As for the green poop... ew. But the best of all? "why can't I own a Canadian?" Let me guess you mean Bieber? Please do all a favor and make him disappear...
I ate a big red candle and a red candle seems to be popular... As for the baby and the bees... Not that everything else makes sense. People don't eat food anymore?
 Yes but if they are coughing fire away. It will muffle the sound... but not the smell...
For the highlighted one.. How many nipples you have??? As for the rest... Ew and nice (for the wet thing).
See how different men and women think? Although are there any women that don't give head? Do they still make em? If you ask me there are two kinds of women. Women that don't give head and women in loving relationships! (paraphrasing Chris rock).
One of the mysteries of the universe I guess... Along with is there life in other planets and the Boson particle.. Why cats like Hitler? I wait for your comments!