Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas song and letters!

It's Christmas and dumb people are all over the place as usual. But for this post let's forget about them and sing some songs and laugh at some letters sent to Santa by kids (I hope)!

For starters we have Jeff Dunham and Achmed the Dead Terrorist singing Jingle bombs. This video was shown to me by a friend that was piss drunk yesterday... He actually picked up Mike (my hamster) threw it down (you bastard!) and yelled "Pikachu, I Summon you!". And then he told me to see this video. Relevance? None but still I should have recorded the whole thing for proof... 

Of course, today when I told him how cool the video he showed me was didn't remember a thing. Not even the video...So for you religious people I call this my Christmas miracle.

So now let's read some letters sent to Santa. I already got you in the mood with the Christmas song sooooo...

Damn it I didn't know he could do that... Can I ask for a big fat account too? 
Tommy what do you want a Lady Gaga doll for? Oh... never mind... Kids are getting a little feisty nowadays...

Rudolph Rest in Pieces...?

 So what is a Blumpkin?
 Santa I think you need to get a Twitter, a cell phone, a facebook account, a Google plus account and create an app to sort all the kid's letters. Now stop reading this and text the kid's dad for the list!

 No idea why he wrote a letter to Santa about the flight but hey, don't screw the landing Santa!

Hehe, 8 months and already literate... at least more than most people I know... in work...
And finally a letter that my cat wrote. 
 So Merry Christmas everyone. Have fun and enjoy life!