Sunday, February 12, 2012

Gender equality is dumb

Honestly this is a very delicate and dangerous topic. Women will go crazy just by the title. "We have rights and we want them to be the same as men". I respect it and it sounds important... It isn't. So to put a disclaimer: 

Especially in today's era, the ones that would get hurt the most by gender equality would be women. They concentrate on the very little they will win and not on the many stuff they will lose. Let's see some examples of "watch what you wish for, it might come true":

 I guess you all saw this coming. The dreaded:
First off, how this is a big deal? It's a friggin toilet seat. Why it should be down or up? Women go batshit crazy about it. Gender equality would change that (actually it should change even without it but anyway).

Then let's go to the basic rule of a sinking boat: Women and children first. If we had gender equality it would be "first come first served". But then again how often a boat or ship sinks?
More often than you think... And to get out of topic a bit. Why children first? Would you want someone like young Hitler to be saved just because he was a child? Ask a Jewish person about his/her theory of this.

This is a statistic I found and I don't know if this true but here goes: "Women only make 72 cents for every dollar a man makes for the same kind of work". I do agree this is not fair BUT... If this is true why don't companies only hire women then to save money? I don't know the answer to be honest but when I become a CEO of a company I will let you know.
This is mostly for Greece since I know the law here, so I don't know if it applies to other countries. Gender equality dictates that all women should go to the army and go through all the training men do. I remember in my physical ed class, most girls avoided it with the "I am on my period" excuse. I wouldn't mind but if you have period for 1 month straight there is something wrong with you. Say bye bye to your manicure and your bright/soft hair for some time.

Divorces everywhere give women the child in most cases AND the man has to pay for alimony. Are you OK with this being 50%-50%? The woman paying alimony and the man taking child custody?

Again this isn't checked if it's legit but if you play tennis you know. Women take the same prize money with 3 sets while men play five sets. Want this to change?
The list can go on but this is the main reason why I don't think gender equality is something women want. The whole concept of a man being a "Gentleman" is because he is the person that can protect a woman (mainly because of her physiology), treat her right, make the first move and so on. Are women prepared to buy men drinks in a bar? Or approach them first and ask them to take them home? Or be put to the friend zone over and over again? 
Can you imagine entering a club and men not even look at you? I know women that are so empty inside that don't do relationships because they want the validation every time they go to a club or a bar. (and because they can't find their imaginary prince (vampire?) in his white Lamborghini and take her to Hawaii). Starts sounding like a bad idea right? An empowered women should do what all men do in the courtship game AND not be labeled a slut... Good luck with that.

Finally all women complain how we objectify them especially in porn... Have you ever seen the salaries women make in porn and how much their male counterparts earn? No one forced them to do anything they didn't want. Also how often you see a homeless woman? Thought so.
Bottom line? Both sexes have something to offer to each other. They have their roles. Be their biological roles or the roles society has established. If we lived in an ideal world maybe it would be the ideal solution to have gender equality but we don't, so adapt to it and stop whining. Both men and women.

As for men... The next post will be yours to whine about.