Monday, December 21, 2015

Facebook Page Posts

Honestly the easiest way for this blog to make you laugh is Facebook posts and most of the time the comments that people make are from hilarious to "are you fucking kidding me?".

So if you wanna lose faith in humanity I will update this blog from now on with Facebook posts and comments. If you are a page that wants to take down the post let me know (although I doubt there is a law about it, forbidding me from posting a public post).

So lets start with this marvel of human ignorance:

I don't know if you are a guy or a girl reading this but if you have any experience in the dating department there are no uncomplicated people. If you think you found one you probably have no idea judging personalities or have an IQ of an amoeba. As I said in the comment (yeah thats me) there is no single guy that ever bragged about dating an uncomplicated women, because no guy ever dated one (unless she was a trans-gendered woman, with a guy brain, but that opens another can or worms). Women is universe's Rubik's cube. Looks fun, but try to solve one that has 10x10 sides and most of the time doesn't want you to solve it because it will call you a patriarchy drone that wants to enslave her or something along these lines... 

Although I am against 99% of Elite Daily's posts, they are hilarious and the authors are probably trolls that just want you to start insulting them for being ignorant so they can make money from the clickbait they post. 

So next time you are thinking wow she is such a mature and uncomplicated either stop the LSD and weed or check if she is so nice to you because she is cheating on you. Men have 2 modes most of the time so we are fairly uncomplicated compared to women. Hungry or Horny. So if you see us without a boner make us a sandwich and we ll love you for ever. And even then we don't understand each other mainly for reasons I will post in the future...