Monday, April 30, 2012

Ad placement fail

Have you ever thought of synergy? I mean you can take 2 totally different elements and combine them and the result will be greater than the sum of those. Something like 1+1=3. Take the following ads for example. By themselves alone they are just some boring ads hardly worth looking at (sorry advertisers... I love you... I really do!). But put them together or in the right article... and you get this:

 Take the following example:

 I bet the girl that took the photo for the ad didn't sign up for this! Carrot does look like an aphrodisiac now huh? OK, stay away from the carrots till the post is over and then do whatever you want! Come back here!!!

 I do like his music but still this is hilarious...

"Do it yourself, smoke and become an ad above a cigar ad!"

 Two things here... How can you take obesity lightly? Pun intended... and how come on all the junk food ads you see the person in it being slimmer than everyone you have ever seen?

I will take the kitteh church any day over any other church... "The kitteh will save you!"

Black humor but I thought it was appropriate after the church joke... In case you still didn't get it. "One toddler dead, another critical after house fire" reads the title and the ad above says: "burn baby burn..." Black humor but still!

I will give you a hint: Coffee is the word you are looking for here! "Coffee might trigger first heart attack in some... here enjoy a second cup". That's something Hugh Heffner might be listening to from his bunnies haha!

No comments here... Just to avoid censorship...

Well at least in the street you see ads that are relevant with the product... In TV if you lose the punch line of the ad you don't even know what the hell they are advertising... Soon I will get a good selection of those too!