Thursday, April 19, 2012

Stupidity encouraged...

Kinda makes sense in a world where stupidity is all around us, that stupid is the new smart. So now companies (and I say now very loosely since I don't know when this happened) encourage people to be stupid and they even make this an ad campaign. Take Diesel for example:
And this is called natural selection... Stupid falls off a cliff smart stays up and laughs his ass off...
I can't deny the fact that when a simple minded person sees an ad and a colorful picture with huge letters they take what it's being said as truth (which reminds me of another book that is being taken seriously for its flashy interior but anyway). Yet I think it's kinda misleading to say the least. And if I judge from how many dumb people are all over the place, they will start taking pride from it. Not to mention the kids that see this. 

I am really tired of being politically correct when I talk to and about stupid people. Why should I be? I mean OK I can use sarcasm to tell someone he is an idiot without him even realizing it (True Story) but still if I call someone an idiot everyone around him will act like they are more insulted than him. I mean come on, am I the first one that calls him that?
Smart critiques, artist/creative creates... not stupid
Being politically correct to someone that is slow, because he was born this way, or to someone with Down syndrome, I do it because I want to and it's the right thing to do because he didn't have a choice. But when I hear people saying "well my kid isn't good with school, he is good with his hands" I wanna slap them around. Einstein was considered stupid in high school yet he proved to be a genius. Have you tried some rough love on your supposedly slow kid? 

Being stupid is just an excuse for being lazy and with no motivation. Leave someone starving and tell him the only way he can survive is by studying and you will see how he will become smart overnight. His flee or flight response will go crazy. "I need to read bro or they will kick my ass!"
Next picture a truck passes in between these cars...
Of course it kinda makes sense why everyone encourages being stupid. As they say ignorance is a bliss. And I agree but up to a point. When someone tells me that from LA to NY it's as far as it's from Athens to Rome I can call them stupid with no regrets. And of course while I complain I find it comforting that there are so many stupid people. This is how economy works and how money are gathering upwards to the rich.

For example when you buy a smartphone just because it is "in" and costs 600 euros and then the next one comes in the market with no significant changes and you buy it again, how am I supposed to describe you? Genius? Or when you buy a pink Lamborghini? Or a lion for your personal collection? I can think of many examples don't test me...
like: "Are these mushrooms poisonous?"
"Stupid has the boobs" Who said I don't enjoy stupid people?
Most of the times on the news too!
Do I even have to comment on that? (Smart will say no, stupid will say yes...)
As for the pictures I wanted to analyze their messages but I think to someone smart they can see through their flawed logic. Which is close to the speeches many politicians make actually and since I work in the Public Relations industry I should know better... To help you a bit replace some words and search for the deeper meaning and you are there. I can't believe someone that reads my blog is not capable of that!