Thursday, April 12, 2012

The reason Twitter exists

Twitter was a really great idea. People posting whatever came to thought, at all moments since the smartphones made it possible. Of course that is before the corporations and all the celebrities started posting on it shit like "Read this article", "Watch this photo", "Check the new diamond ring I bought". Well I guess you can't blame just them since all the fan boys and girls started following them.

Let's start with corporations and their favorite word "buzz". In a recent study facebook posts reach just 16% of the people on your friend list or the "facebook pages". I can't even imagine how less this is in Twitter since the spam is too much for anyone to browse after a good-night's sleep. Posting 100 tweets every day with articles is too much for anyone to process especially since they read them on the go. Remember the reason twitter became popular? It's because you share short thoughts. Not because you want someone to read while driving something that probably he would have searched on his own if he was really interested in the subject.

As for celebrities I don't get why people would wanna follow someone that you don't even know if he uses his or her account him/herself or their agent/manager or even their pet. Not to mention their fan tweet accounts that post more or less what the celebrity posts. Are your lives so empty? And don't even get me started about Angelina's leg. I mean OK I do follow a couple of celebrities like Will Smith and Dita Von Teese because first Will Smith is friggin awesome actor/singer/human being and Dita... well she is awesome in other ways.

Now some photos I found about twitter which are pretty much self explanatory. My final remark about social networks is that you need to use them for what they are. Finding new people to fuck. fuck with, keep contacts with old friends, enemies, gloat, see if you can reach the max friends you can have, add people you don't like and finally:
Bill always says it how it is. 
Also twitter fixed a long awaited problem for men. The answer to women's question:
 Proof why social networks exist:
I am kinda happy with my generation to be honest. Our parents know jack about technology. At best some farmville or some games on facebook. But I suspect my generation will probably be a pain in the ass for our kids, since we are all technology savvy. (mostly because they made it so accessible and easy... not because we are smart).
If you ask yourself why all the social networks try to fish your personal information, I think the answer lies to the simple fact that they were made by God. The dude said he will be watching every single one of us when we were like 1.000.000 in population. Now we are friggin 7 billion so cut the man some slack. When judgement day comes he will hold a tablet with all the social networks and judge you by what you have posted.... True Story... I saw this in a vision so it must be legit right?
 I love twitter because sometimes you see smart posts like this:
Yet the posts I see most of the time is like this:
 So tweet away! I have to send twitter an e-mail asking them to implement a filter or hash-tag that you search posts by the person's IQ... It will make my life much easier.