Monday, April 9, 2012

Sluts and studs

I will shed light to this old question with my flawless logic and with the help of some smart people. How many times have you heard a a woman complain that the world is not fair to women and how when a man has sex with many women is called a stud and how when a woman has sex with a lot of men is a slut. But before I go there I have to intervene on the whole slut thing.

I have no idea why men complain about how all women are sluts and how life is unfair and so on. First off the men that say that all women are sluts are the same men that don't get any. Which is counter intuitive because the whole notion of a woman being a slut is she sleeps with everyone. Now how this is bad or men I have no clue. Considering you don't look for a wife of course. So if women sleep with everyone why the people that call them sluts don't get laid? Either shut up and enjoy it or shut up and look at the whole issues as it is. Meaning? Some women are sluts, some are gold diggers and some are normal girls. Others with a crazed sex drive and others with a less crazed one... (It still remains crazed though... spank me daddy, or cuff me, and so on fall on this category... right girls?)

Same as men. Some don't get laid, some do, some are stupid, some are gay and some are goodnighters:

So how this works for men? Same as with everything else in life. The 80/20 rule applies here too. 20% of men lay the 80% of the women out there. For example I had my fair share of women... and to be honest I think I also had other men's fair share for the matter. A man has all the weight of the interaction since he is the one approaching and taking charge. Meaning 10 minutes from when you approach you will be the one doing all the talk since beautiful women are used of men hitting on them. If you have some game you will go a long way. If you don't you will go back to your friends saying "I didn't like her that much any way" or "she is a bitch". I bet the "Your dress would look great on my bedroom floor" line didn't do the job right...

So for a man to get a girl in a club or wherever is an actual feat, contrary to what Hollywood and some women have us believe. The nerdy or nice guy rarely get the girl. At least not until the first makes lots of money and the second till the woman has had enough of the bad boys and needs a nice guy to settle down with. That's why the pick up industry is booming, Thousands of men ready to spend thousand of dollars to learn how to pick up women. So when I hear a woman say "why women are called sluts when they have sex with lots of men" this comes to mind:
No idea why the image is so small but anyway the point is that it's easy to be a slut. It's hard to be a stud. To be a stud you need to be witty, charming, well dressed, have nice shoes and a fake job. To be a slut... you just need to be there. So when you say why men and women, that have completely different roles, in life are not equal in this aspect and many more is like saying it's unfair that Jaguars can run faster than humans. Well same thing.

And as a friend once said "Women and men dynamics are like keys and locks. If a key can unlock a lot of locks, it's a master key or a useful one. Now if a lock can be opened by many keys... it's probably a shitty lock." If you wanna argue about why this is unfair you are a retard. Same with how men should stop complaining how women have it easy. They don't. They have to go out and fend of the men that keep saying dumb shit to them all night. That's the reason they become "bitches" because you are probably one of the many. If you can prove otherwise then you have some chances to score.
On the other hand as I already said, women stop asking for equality, because you are the ones that will lose more than what you will gain. So bottom line, a worthy feat has a worthy title and a non worthy has a non worthy title. Simple as that. And as for sluts, this blog loves them! <3