Friday, January 6, 2012

Dumb people and their pets

In case you haven't noticed I love animals. I was raised with animals of any kind. Cats, dogs, hamsters (not the dude from Top Gear..), fish, turtles, chicks, ducks etc. I also learned how to care for them and this helped me to care for people too (not the dumb ones). But some people I meet, see or read about own a pet for totally different reasons.

First off when you own a pet it's your job to care for it. Not the other way around. Don't expect the animal to love you just because you own it. It takes more than feeding it and petting it. Training it is a huge part of you showing it that you love it. Some years ago I was bitten by a dog and I punched his owner. The dog has no responsibility. It trusts you to teach it some things, like I don't know... not seeing everyone like a chew toy? Buying the dog various shit that you put in their mouth so they won't bit people just shows me how lazy you are. Do you think you would like to go around with it in your mouth? I doubt it. Neither the dog.

Another example that everyone must have experienced is a dog or cat that barks and meows respectively all day and all night. Again save an animal, punch their owners. There are ways to stop this behavior and since information nowadays is free for everyone it just shows how lazy they are.

Another thing that pisses me off with dumb people and their pets is when they go out and their pet is doing what we all do in the toilet and he leaves them there for others to admire. Hey, dumb ass would you like for me to come to your house and shit on your living room? Your pet can't do it so on your knees and off we go...
Others make their pets fat, others feed them all kinds of crap that make them unhealthy or even killing them (cancer), and others put clothes or even diapers on their pets! That's animal cruelty! And speaking of animal cruelty, stop giving your pets stupid names! Have you ever seen a wolf with the name Mrs Sparkles? Ever thought why your pets look at you when you are not watching? They plan on how to make your death look like an accident!

Most people own pets because they feel lonely. I can respect that, but animals are not a substitute for human contact. For example owning 1-2 cats is OK. Owning 15 cats means you are the "cat lady that will never find a man". Same with dogs. Owning 15 dogs is unhealthy. And I don't really give a damn about you but for the animals. There is no way you can feed, pet and train 15 animals every day if you have any kind of life.

A family I saw in TV in a popular show, spend 32,000 dollars each year to feed their two dogs. Do you know how much they spend in their own food? 12,000. IQ of a toad. Congratulations.
Some other fools even lose their lives because of their "pets". Take this genius for example. He kept a twelve foot python free in his house as a pet. So the pet at some point got hungry and  strangled him so it could eat him. Bad pet? Doubt it. Dumb owner? Most likely. As they say in the Darwin Awards books, "If you are stupid enough, nature takes care of you by destroying your genes so you won't spoil the next generation with your offspring."
Another "nuclear scientist" left his loaded gun on the back seat while he was driving with the dog to the forest so he could hunt. Now do the math: Loaded gun on the back seat + Dog on the back seat = Oh so much win... You can guess what happened. Police ruled out suicide given the wound on the back of the driver... Although it's as close as it gets...

This dude had 5 different species of poisonous spiders at his home and one day an earthquake happened and they got loose. You can imagine his happiness that he could at last play with his pets?
As I said in another post pets are an industry and they are "manufactured". Meaning the really small dogs for example didn't have ancestors in the last one hundred or two hundred years. Lab people made many hybrids starting from wolves, crossbreeding him and making him into small, small dogs that you now have in your homes. So what we have today is a whole industry with pets and pet food and small toys and houses, even pet hotels and grooming etc. Before you go and buy a pet, there are millions that have no house and people actually donate them. Save them and you will feel much better about yourself and gradually you will learn to love yourselves and those around you.