Thursday, January 19, 2012

Chain stupid e-mails

Dear Lord, from the moment internet became popular so these stupid chain e-mails. After a bit they became comments and then videos and then they are everywhere like the plague! And people actually believe them! And then they send them again and again! I will show you the most popular chain letters I have researched.


I love this one. The chain e-mail about the child that has no legs, hands, eyes or whatever.Lives in the far land of Bankistanistorloughstanand every time YOU send this magical chain e-mail to as many people as you can he/she gets a dollar! 
In case you have no idea about how the interwebz works... you can't check how many times this e-mail has bounced since it follows a pyramid pattern. Meaning one person sends it to 40 people and these 40 send it to another 40 and so on. This means that the imaginary sick child won't get any dollars this week. If you feel you want to help you need to reach in your pocket, get off your ass and donate some money to people that need em. Sometimes in the end of the e-mail it says that this helps your karma... Right...


This one is for those that think that their PC is a magic lamp and if you do certain stuff their wish will come true. The e-mail says to make a wish and if you send it to 40 people in the next 23 hours 41 minutes and 23 seconds your wish will come true. And if you don't, an evil pokemon will appear and eat your cat...
Do I even have to explain why anyone that believes this is stupid? If you believe in stuff like that then if you also rub a guy's "magic lamp" then make a wish because the Jinn will come out... sometimes faster than you can make a wish... Premature wishful thinking I guess?


These most of the time have no subject and all they want you to do is send them to as many friends as you can. The twist is that they are "cursed"and if you read even 3-4 words you need to keep reading them or something horrible will happen to you! These are often posted in youtube or facebook as comments that you need to repost. What's funny about these are that they even have proof! For example, someone that didn't send it or deleted it woke up with no hair on their teeth! Or someone ended up waking up in Sahara desert...  Don't laugh I have recieved way too many of these because I am sure people actually believe these... If you read it on the internet it must be true right?

This is a new one I keep receiving lately. It says more or less that you can't buy some stuff with money and also that this has traveled around the world... wait for it... not once, not twice... but 8 times! And you know how hard this is with e-mails! I am impressed already, but wait it gets better. This CHINESE e-mail has its origin from where else? Exactly! Holland!
 It continues by saying to send it, NOT MONEY, (send money to me instead o it) and don't keep it for more than 96 hours. Luck travels with the internet stupid! That's why we are so lucky nowadays I guess?This message has been send from some dude from South Africa... Wait I thought the chinese mail was from Holland, not South Africa... I am confused... Also if you do this luck will arrive in 4 days... I guess it needs lot's of bandwidth to download... And then it goes on on how some people got their luck and some didn't. Everything with proof of course... Like everything else on the internet!


 This chain e-mail was first send back in the 1920s... We might not have internet back then but if the internet says so, who am I to say I don't believe it?

Bottom line, there are many variations of these stupid e-mails. I don't care for them so stop sending them to me. If they were true I would have lost my mother 5 times now, lost 3 of my legs, I would be blind, go to hell 13 times, got eaten by angry pokemons 10 times and so on.

Why all these chain e-mails? Gullibility, stupidity or e-mail mining from smart marketers that want to bombard you with spam. When these get send 5 times and each mail has 20 contacts it's around 100+ e-mails. Wonder why you get so much spam? That's why.

If you read my blog you will have lot's of luck and money. If not I will send you care bears to eat your brains.