Sunday, January 15, 2012

Internet scams for dumb people

I have a saying in life and that is:

"Everybody deserves what they get"

When someone approaches you in the road and tells you "hey bro I found a million dollars and I wanna share it with you", will you believe him? I would suppose no, although I might also be wrong, with the foolishness of some people...Since 1997 or so where internet really entered our homes people are becoming victims of scams all over the world. Internet helps more, than in the old days where cheating someone off his sweet money, took time and energy and it was nerve wrecking for the con artists. Now it's easy. You can scam millions literally and all the time it takes is some copy pasting and sending some e-mails.

In case you didn't know, Eiffel Tower selling was one of the best scams for con artists back in the day. Someone would approach you and tell you that all the scrap metal from it, could be bought in a very reasonable price. You won't imagine how many people believed it and bought the Eiffel tower time after time. Why the scam never reached the rest of the people? Well you can imagine the dude that bought it going to the police and telling them "Ehm... OK, don't laugh and don't take me for a fool but someone tricked me and I thought I bought the Eiffel tower off him...". You can imagine the public humiliation back then, because of the small societies and  social cycles.

But let's see some of the best scams today that idiots fall prey to!
Nigerian Scam

This is around since 1920 or so. Back then they used letters and it has stripped people off millions. How it works? Some "prince" tells you that he wants to transfer some millions off his accounts because his evil uncle is trying to kill him or whatever and he needs your help to do so (since you are so famous). Soon after you agree, he ll start asking you to pay small fees for the supposed transfer, bribing officials and so on. Bottom line when you are left with no money in your bank account you realize something is wrong. Congratulations! You can now join the ranks of probably thousands of dumb asses that lost their money this way. There are many versions of this scam but you get the general idea. 

Lottery Scam

This is more or less a variation of the previous one where someone (that is probably smarter than you), sends you a very detailed letter from a supposedly legit lottery company and informs you that you won some million dollars! Sounds legit right? I mean winning a lottery you don't even took part at? You must be very lucky!... or very very dumb if you believed it. Same as before, for the transfer to be completed you need to pay fees and so on. Now I bet you never asked them why they can't pay it from the money you won or for them to pay it and you will pay them back when you get the money beats me. Again if you fell for a scam like this stay away from Vegas.
Phishing Scam

This is one of the best scams and if you don't pay much attention your accounts and credit cards are at great risk. Hot it works? Someone sends you an e-mail saying your account (Facebook, paypal etc) has been stolen and you need to log in to it so you can get it back. Then they ask you for a full form with your info from a site that looks like the ones I mentioned but if you look closely at the address it has some spin off of the original address. What you really do is providing them with your full info, some times even your credit card and they just have to move fast and make a fool out of you (facebook for example, assuming you don't make a fool out of yourself every day), or steal your credit card or bank account and go into a shopping spree with your money. My thoughts? Social engineering, because there is no patch for human stupidity!
Work at home scam

I bet all these ads everywhere saying you can make thousands from the comfort of your home sound pretty sweet right? I bet you thought you are smarter than the rest of the population that we must drag our asses off to work everyday. You found the system man! You are Da Man! No you are not. This is another classic scheme. This works mostly with a pyramid structure. Someone on the top found some way to make money with you actually making the whole work. Now add 10 people and from these people add 10 more per person and so on and it can get pretty sweet... for the person on the top and not for you. 

 You spend all day clicking on ads, watching commercials, sending e-mails, having some bar on your browser and playing games and so on and you start by making 1-2 dollars each day and you feel good about yourself. And you say, I have to get more referrals to get 10% off each of them and so on and so on. Sooner or later you end up with an account of 100 dollars and you try to get those hard earned money only to realize that nothing happens after 2-3 months that you requested for them! Congratulations again!
You feel bad for the people that got scammed? Don't be. This is how economy works in the first place. You can't become rich without fooling some dumb asses. Stock Market, Euro Zone and so on.

My final advice is, if something is too good to be true, it probably is, so leave it alone.

And in case you don't care about your money donate em to me.