Thursday, January 12, 2012

Stupidity and human evolution

In my previous post I mentioned how evolution stopped because we are flooded with dumb people.That's not entirely true. Stupidity in evolution seems to be advantageous... There I said it. Based on studies we aren't gonna get any smarter... at least with our physiology as it is now. I know that at some point we might be able to download information in our brains but that won't make us any smarter... More knowledgeable maybe...

Now if you look around you, you probably figured out you are at least somewhat smarter than the rest of the population... (especially if you read this blog!). Let's go to the political side of why stupidity helps evolution. Let's assume that 80% of the population is stupid. And if you know the 80%-20% rule this is most likely true. And we all can agree (well not entirely) that we have Democracy right now (we don't). That means the many outweigh the few... Congratulations! We have many stupid people choosing other stupid people to govern us. Want some examples?
Worked out well right? Ask the Greeks to tell you about stupid politicians... I always thought Bush was dumb... Till I saw Papandreou. Nuff said...So there goes the political aspect. Can't get any better with all the stupid people around.

Now what about the social aspect? If you are poor I can understand... Many reasons that got you in the poverty level. Three of those are in the above pictures. Now if you are poor AND dumb you probably don't know how to use one of these:
See I already found the target group for these condoms. And use one, not two. And this conversation doesn't count as birth control:

Her: Bob do you have one of these round things?
Him: Condoms? No I don't... last time I used em though I couldn't swallow them... No idea how you don't get pregnant with those...
Her: So what do we do?
Him: Don't worry I will pull out when  am about to come!
Her: You are so smart!
And yes they probably look like these two:
You can guess the rest... In 10 years they will probably have 10 babies. Her vagina will look like a star gate in the end. And judging from their parents they are doomed. So we have 2 dumb people making 10 more. Of course they will have no proper education and no money to buy books and computers and our tax money will pay for their food and so on. Brilliant!

While on the other hand we have two smart people having 1-2 kids. 2 kids can go to college and have an education. They can also have responsible parents because they aren't so hard to handle compared to the previous 10. So the worse thing they can get is some daddy issues for the girls and maybe a womanizer son. And as luck and Murphy's law have it they 'll end up dead from some drunk driver or brain tumor. Ever heard any dumbass having a brain tumor? you need to have a brain first. So dumb people win again.
Not to mention how difficult it is to find some smart woman or man to marry. Being a man I know I 'll probably end up with a girl like this:
On the psychological aspect again smart people have it hard because for them the "ignorance is bliss" isn't working. Dumb people have no ambition, serious dreams and worries. So I doubt you will find any dumb crazy people. Most people with high IQ tend to go insane. And others have serious sickness... Stephen Hawking for example. So in a psychological aspect smart people lose again.

Finally, and this is just my opinion, with modern medicine we live a lot more than our ancestors. Making us naturally polygamous creatures (spending 10+ years with the same person while your social circle is 1000+ and dealing with his/her bullshit? I doubt it..) Imagine back in the day with transportation being scarce and population being small how many women you could have? Then here comes religion and moralists saying we are supposed to be monogamous. I respect if YOU decide that you wanna be monogamous, but when someone else butts in and tells me what to do then I start thinking why? 

Take gay marriage for example. They say marriage is sacred and at the same time they tell us that we can have up to 3 marriages... Huh? So to reach a conclusion, being monogamous and sad because someone tells you you will go to hell for me it's stupid. Evolutionary we ended up like this. At least this is the only advantage I can see. On the downside that means dumb people can procreate more... Well diversity is always a good thing for the genes... Let's hope some Professor X mutation will happen or even better Einstein/Stephen Hawking one. 

Happy birthday Stephen Hawking. And have a great weekend for the rest!