Friday, October 21, 2011

Dumb people on TV

Everyone knows I hate dumb people, (If not you should check yourself). In my mind dumb is similar to lazy. Because let's face it back in the day (it might have been Monday), people only had books. You didn't know how to read, pretty much you were doomed to be dumb, especially if you didn't go to school. But honestly being dumb isn't just about knowledge. It's also about common sense and amongst other things it's about not talking about things you have no idea about.
My mother for example, got married before she was 15. She never finished school but she was always with a book in her hands. Even today she watches documentaries and researches everything on the net. She is one of the smartest women I know (that's why she ruined me for every other woman). 

So this brings me to my next point. At today's age where all information is free a person has no excuse to be dumb. Being dumb today means you are probably lazy. OK I know there are some people that were born with some mental problems etc. I don't speak about them. I speak about normal everyday people.

Now if you are not the smartest toy in the box, I believe you 'd start suspecting it. I mean those awkward smiles when you speak, me running away from you mumbling words like "dumb ass, stupid" etc or people trying to hide their laughter and so on raise some red flags. I think perception has nothing to do with stupidity... I might also be wrong and judging from the next video I probably am:

Seriously? Europe is a country? Hungary - Hungry...? Girls I have to tell you the truth. Being pretty or beautiful doesn't give you this:
You can't ignore your education because you are beautiful. And men don't laugh I know more men that are handsome and they are dumber than rocks. But I 'll get to you in a future post.

So to my point if you suspect you are stupid why go to a TV game like that? Go to a game of "Flip the coin" or whatever. I mean don't you have any sympathy for the rest of the human kind? Stay home in front of your mirror and look how pretty you are. I like pretty girls. I like 'em even if they are dumb. But I like the silent types... So... Shhh.

Another example I found:
Come on... Do you even need education to know that? If you were born for more than 10 years I believe you would start suspecting that the Moon is larger than an elephant... If you don't know that why go to a friggin knowledge game? And people that know you didn't try to stop you? If they didn't you better start making some new friends. Some people try to find about "string theory" (not that string you dumb ass), and some don't know how to talk.

To be perfectly honest that girl might have been stressed about the whole thing but still it pains my heart to see people like that. I rest my case.