Monday, October 10, 2011

Move bitch...

For some reason people say I am evil because I say people are dumbasses. Ok not all… and I say that because every time I say “People, animals, women, men etc are this and that someone will come up and say: I am not like that or you generalize or not everyone is like that… Ok my smart friends, when I say this I mean the 95% of the population. Obviously when I say people are dumbasses although I am included in the word “People” I exclude myself since I am the observer. I don’t care about the 5% which only shows I am right because every rule has its exceptions. When I say something I mean the 95% of the rule.

One example I can mention is that today it’s raining… Some people go out with umbrellas and some don’t. Can someone explain to me why the fuck people with umbrellas walk under shit that stop the rain and leave the people that don’t have umbrellas move around them and go through the rain? Why when we walk wherever we never think of others?

Another example? Escalators in the Metro. The good lady in the speaker says: Please when on the escalator stand in the right side of it. I try to go somewhere fast… and while EVERYONE stands in the right some dumbass stands on the left. Ok, let’s say you didn’t listen to the announcement don’t you see that everyone is on the friggin right side? Are you the smartest, unique person that happened to stand on the left side? I just wanna sneak behind you and scream: MOVE BITCH GET OUT OF THE WAY as Ludacris says. Think of the other people ffs.

One more example that pisses me off. Narrow pavement, street etc. People suddenly stopping and I am about to fall on them… Or moving so slowly that people around see us like we are in a slow motion replay. I don’t mind you moving slowly. I mind you moving slowly in the middle of the street where I can’t pass you.
Wow I thought I ‘d be out of material when I started this but they kept coming… Till next time…