Monday, October 17, 2011

People with cell phones

They call them smart phones... I can't say the same for the people that use them. At least most of them. These are some things that annoy me and I am sure they annoy you too.

  • You go out with a friend and when you stop talking about something he takes the phone out or someone calls them and they start talking for like 15-20 minutes and you stay there looking at him and a little bubble appears on your head with the "WTF" in it. Isn't it common sense that when you are out with someone... oh wait...
  • Driving and using your phone... in any way... in any part of your body. And no hands free still makes you lose the concentration driving needs.

  • And that brings us to the hands free thing... Using hands free and still holding your phone kinda beats the purpose of the friggin hands free I think? Also supposedly you are afraid of the radiation when you talk... So you don't want brain cancer... OK I get that... Unless you hold your phone like it has the plague again it's useless. If you don't get brain cancer you 'll get cancer somewhere else (where you hold your phone when you talk in the hands free). Same thing. 
  • Religious wallpapers... Seriously?
  • Some places need a sign saying: "I 'll break your phone if it rings". Places include and are not limited to: Cinema, Meetings, Theaters, Opera, Plane, Dates and so on...

  • If walking is too difficult for some people when they talk to the phone they should stop using it. If I see another pedestrian talking to his/her phone and a car is about to hit him/her I will probably block his road so the car can hit him/her.

  • Stop talking about your personal stuff in the phone... We can listen to you... And we don't want to... Unless you are a girl and you describe how you had sex with yourself or with someone else. Don't start crying in the middle of nowhere...

  • Personally I have never lost my phone... Ever. You know why? Because my brain is inside my head everywhere.
  • If you are one of the people that loses their phone or others have access to it... don't store nude pics of you in it... or similar pics...
  • You have a cell phone because you want to stay connected with others... When someone calls you pick it up. You drive and you talk to it... I doubt you can't do the same when you cook, watch tv or you masturbate. Just stop what you were doing and answer it. Have you thought that someone might need you and you ignore him because you were too bored to stand up from the couch? I 'll understand if you are in a location where you can't pick it up. At least call back. I bet I can fight the murderer/burglar for a few minutes...
  • If I listen to another stupid ring tone I swear I 'll break some one's phone or head. You know who you are.
  • Women understand this: We ask your phone number so we can call you. If you give us your number and/or tell us to call you we expect you to pick it up... I know it's a complex concept so I 'll let you think about it...
  • People that pretend to speak in the phone when they don't. Who you are trying to impress really?
  • If you send me a 4 sms combo at once or a "what's up" I won't answer you. Either call me or write a blog.
  • People that only send sms and they don't talk when you call them... You need a therapist... Seriously.
  • If you like a woman don't sms her... Call her. You 'll thank me. I will explain in my other blog why.
  • If you talk to someone and they don't hear you don't put the phone in front of you and start talking.
  • If you talk to someone and the phone disconnects the person that called will probably call again. Don't both call each other at the same time for the next 5 minutes and then you stop and you both wait 5 more minutes for someone to call first.
  • When you call ME have something interesting to tell me. Don't call me and we both stay there staring at  anything that is in front of us without talking. It's a communication device. Use it to communicate not bore me.

  • When you call me and it's obvious I was sleeping, no matter what you tell me or tell you I won't remember it later.
  • Scenario: Night out with friends. You drink and you listen to love songs. Do yourself a favour and ask someone to keep your phone. You are bound to call a girl or a guy and embarrass yourself. And worse you won't remember it next morning.
  • Why call me by hiding your number? Are you the FBI? Am I the FBI?
Those are some of the things that annoy me from the top of my head...