Thursday, October 13, 2011

Facebook Sucks (Part 2)

  • Steal your profile and upload it, as their own. Yes I am talking to you curious man that you just wanna pretend being a girl to see what men say to them, to pick them up or you just wanna have fun with the rest of the dumbass men. Funny thing is, when 2 men that pretend to have female profiles start talking. One of them is bound to play the lesbian and the other one says "wow a girl wants to have fun with another (?) girl! Let’s see where this goes". It is gay no matter how you see it. I swear for every 5 facebook profiles there is at least one fake.
  • Many thought I was making too much fun of women in part 1 so I’ll make it up to you! I hate when men (mostly) break up and start whining how women are sluts and there are no honest women. Then they post statuses like: “Another lonely night with a bottle of Vodka thinking of you”, “Who needs you when I can get any woman I like” (which is why most men end up with their ex’s after a reasonable time… because they can’t get laid if their life depended on it), “I can’t believe how I lost you” and many more. Now don’t get me wrong but… I DON’T FUCKING CARE ABOUT YOUR DATING LIFE! Especially when I know most of the times it was your fault! (I’ll get to this in another post). Stop fighting in other people’s comments and stop trying to hurt each other in front of innocent bystanders.
  • The next category is something you all know:

  • This happens especially when some random dude from the girl with the 5000 friends makes a “dirty” comment on a pic of hers and her boyfriend comes to her rescue… Seriously guys? After fighting in the wild with wild animals, thousands of years of wars and this is where testosterone ended up? I’ll hurt you behind a screen? Here’s an idea. Meet up, break each other’s faces and then post pics in facebook and before you do we’ll put bets on each of you. Although this will end up in another tough guy dialog “I wasn’t wearing my lucky boxers when I faced you”, “My mother was in the hospital and I wasn’t in the mood to fight”, “My little grasshopper was sick at home” and so on…
  • Next thing that pisses me off… Well they say a picture is worth thousand words so:
    Come on people no one wants to see these… Not to mention the poor girl/dude that you tagged without his knowledge and he/she is toast till she logs in again to remove the tag. Don’t try to make bulimic with the stupid shit you upload. There is always the finger in the mouth.
  • Facebook became the best detective since it was created. Wanna see where your gf/bf is? Log on facebook. Is he/she in? Is he/she active? Nice. What about your friend that said he’ll be out in a date or with a group of people you don’t know? Did he just say this to avoid you? Nice… Are you a lady’s man? You ended up going out this week with 3 different women? But one of them posted on your wall “I had a great time yesterday” when you said to the other two that yesterday you were ill and in bed…? Nice… I can move on but you get the drill. Funniest thing and the most representative example of a dumb person:

  • This is a mostly about women but some “men” do it too… Do you remember these people that get so excited when they find a new man/girl? Their facebook looks like rainbows and little ponies and butterflies… “We will always be together”, “I love you so much”, “you are the one” and so on. And don’t get me wrong (again), I have no problem with people sharing how much they love each other. But they can do it in inbox, in the streets, in one status a day, in their walls, in their pictures, in space and so on. Not flood other people’s streams with your “love”. We know who you are. We know you’ll say the same in the next guy/girl you’ll meet and you did to the 7 previous guys/girls before this one. And when you are 17-18 please we all been there. Chances are you won’t remember his/her name in 4-5 years.

-=End of Part 2=-