Saturday, October 15, 2011

Why facebook sucks (part 3)

This is the dating part of the chain, so here goes:
  • I know some people (me included) that could actually get dates from facebook. But guess what? Most people can't. First off attraction happens because of some factors like: mystery, social proof, achievements, living life to the fullest, a sense of style and so on. Now if you have in your profiles pictures like the ones previously mentioned and the last time you hugged a woman, was your sister or cousin, then no matter what woman you ll talk to, she 'll be in her mind "out of your league". Especially when you have some of the qualities I mentioned before, talking to her for hours on facebook (if you are lucky and she doesn't ignore you because of the other 15 messages she gets from horny men like yourself) won't accomplish anything. Wanna meet her? Move from facebook to msn, she doesn't have msn? get her number, and again don't spend too much time talking to her. Some girls won't meet you no matter what. Just move to the next, don't waste time just because she is "special". She isn't. Talking to her for a year won't make her wake up one day and say "wow I am so attracted to this guy". She ll probably use you to let some steam, because the guy she met doesn't return her calls or even worse because she is so in love with a guy that you are probably better than him. (I 'll make another blog about this if people are interested. So leave comments so I know).
  • You meet a girl out and you hit it off. You like each other and when the crucial time, of you asking her phone number comes, what do you do? "Hey give me your facebook!". Nice one dumb ass. You just made the whole interaction go backwards! So, you ask her to add you on facebook, where other 1000 men are in (probably more if she is hot) and you think you 'll make a difference. First off if your profile doesn't have the above qualities you just shoot yourself in the leg. "He was interesting when we talked, but from what I see in his fb profile all he does is go to football games and play Xbox with his friends" that's what she 'll say to her girlfriends about you. Also where is the mystery of her meeting you and knowing you, when she can just see your facebook and know all there is to know. Next time get her friggin number and meet up another time. Don't be a dumb ass!
  • If you are a lady's man you probably had this scenario happen to you: "I saw your profile and you have so many pictures with women... are you a player?" or what I mentioned in a previous part, you meet 2 women on different dates for the first time and both ask you out in the same day after this. So you tell the least attractive one that you can't make it because "_enter excuse here_" and you end up going out with the other one. And then when you are sleeping, assuming you didn't end up in her or your place, she leaves a wall message saying that she had a great time with you TONIGHT. You can imagine the rest... Especially if other random girls end up in the hate convo. (I have to say if you want a better social network Google+ offers circles to put your friends in which don't let them interact with each other if you don't want em to.)
  • This girl with her tits out and the one that asks "who wants a blow job or sex" is a guy in a woman's profile. Just delete and block. If you ever met a woman before in your life no one offers free blow jobs. And even the ones that do there are strings attached... in this case probably balls attached.
  • If you are into a relationship, all someone needs to do to break you up or make you have a huge fight with your gf is leave a message like this: "I know you told me you ll break up with your gf but after yesterday's sex I am feeling like I fall for you... 5 times! this can't be anything else that love... Btw I wore today that swarovski necklace you got me... I still think it's too expensive for first gift... But thank you xoxo". Need I say more?
  • Finally, I might be a bit off here but I think Facebook drops your IQ. Or at least as someone said "It's better to not talk and be thought a fool, than open your mouth and remove any doubt". There is no other explanation for these: (taken from

Out of topic but I could't resist!

-=End of facebook rant=-
(for now...)