Monday, October 24, 2011

Tattoos, piercings, hair dyes for dumb people

I try so hard not to be bad and judgemental... I honestly try but some people don't let me... Before we start I have a rule in my life. And that rule is balance in all things. Never too much of something but never too little. And another thing I should say is that I have nothing against tattoos, piercings and dying the hair... I don't have and do any of those but I respect the people that have em and do em... Up to a point.
You see, this is normal:
This is cute:
And this is cool:
I won't bother with normal hair dyes. You probably know the natural (or almost natural) colours. All the above have some things in common. They are... well common. Meaning socially acceptable. You can probably get any job you want without it affecting your job interview. At the same time its aesthetically pleasing. Meaning a grandma won't ask a priest to remove the demon from inside you and I will not start laughing when I see it. At the same time I won't be afraid when we get hot and heavy that I 'll eat your piercing or hurt/kill you if I "move" the wrong way. For your shake you won't transform yourself into something you weren't supposed to be. You are a human. Deal with it. 
Now if you are like the pics below you are doing it wrong:
For aesthetic reasons I won't post more pics. But you get the point. I don't care if you don't care what people say, you embarrass the "normal" people you are hanging with. We know you are unique and shit but at least the first two pics are a bit too much don't you think? Don't ask people
Because I 'd answer "I am looking at an:
whats your excuse for looking like that?" 
Now if you look like Paris I wouldn't mind looking at you. But when you cross the fine line (highway?) from human to something else, I think you should look yourself at the mirror and do a reality check. I mean seriously, did someone actually came to you and said "wow bro those eye piercings look so good on you! Shall I tattoo my face with a dick too?". And when I say someone, I mean someone normal. Who will take you seriously or offer you a job? Your parents would be saying their friends "My son? Oh yes he is an artist... what does he do? Oh he paints... his body... and he puts holes on it too! He makes us so proud..." 
Not normal =
Normal = 
(Would you prefer another normal pic??)
So there you have it. Tattoos, Piercings and hair dyes are great when you know how much is too much. We live in a society and we must play with its rules. On the other hand if everyone you know does what you do and you don't see anyone else... then good for you! I will still call you a dumb ass though. From all three, hair colour is the least dumb. I mean if you are an anime character... I wouldn't mind... Especially if you dressed like this:
So if you look like that do everyone a favour and... Message me!