Monday, November 7, 2011

11/11/11 ! The end is near!?... Again...

This is the main problem with dumb people. You go through your day wondering what your next blog entry will be (It was about the things men do and don't get laid by the way...) but you start listening to dumb people and their fear or expectations of a single day. The 11.11.11. And you just know you have to ruin it for them! Seriously people? This again? We had the millennium Y2K before this and nothing happened. Many others (cult) thought the world would end many years before, and now we have the 11.11.11, where everyone will "interconnect" or something...

So this is what they believe will happen:
OK wait a minute... What was that? 
Of course I won't even bother giving them views for some idiotic theme some people with lots of free time thought of. And because everybody loves kittens, there you had it.
Now back to our subject:

Let's see what they believe that this day will bring us (them).

"The date of 11-11-11 is one of the most powerful shifts in human awareness that we will experience in our lifetime. It is a rare opportunity to release lifetimes of karmic scripting and ancestral entrapment. Entrapment in the sense of the conscious and unconscious habit patterns which have us wondering why we can’t seem to actualize the life we really want to have, and know is possible. 11-11-11 is the cosmic birth date of humanities prayer for liberation from the rote, mundane, and monotonous."

So let me get this straight. Based on the Gregorian calendar we will all reach a higher lever of awareness where we will all love each other and be more motivated to reach our dreams. Let's start with the notion that we believe this. What about the people that believe in the Hebrew, Mayan or Julian calendar. What happens to them??? Will they be left out of this unique phenomenon? Or even worse what will happen if we all sleep through that day? Say you came back late on 11/10 (or for the non Americans 10/11) and you were partying for 3 days straight so you sleep through that day. What will happen? 
And I am asking this mostly because of my cat! Will our pets will be enlightened if they sleep through it? And trust me if we talk about my cat, he can sleep through earthquakes let alone 11.11.11. Something like enlightenment won't stop him from sleeping.

"This day is special you ignorant blogger" 

I can almost hear some say. 

"You haven't heard of the Great Blue Norther on 11.11.11?"
Since I didn't knew about it before they actually mention it to me this was a cold snap that happened a century ago and affected the central United States. Many cities broke record highs that afternoon and at night they broke record lows. So was 11.11.11 responsible for it? No. this phenomenon wasn't unique and it tends to happen in November. It happened before and it happened again. As they say even a broken clock is right two times a day. So the cause of it was an extremely strong storm system separating the warm humid air from frigid, arctic air. 

Humans like to find patterns and faces where they don't exist. It's in our nature. But our nature also includes logic and common sense, which some people lack in a consistent manner. First off no day is special. We make each day special, especially if you have come to terms with the fact that we will not live forever.
For example many afraid that the world will end in 2012. Guess again. Seems scientists read wrong the calendar and it doesn't stop on 2012. If you don't believe me search google with "Mayan calendar was read wrong?". Oops. for all of you that got tickets to the "End of the world orgy" you got scammed. For the rest of us that we don't really care, it will be another day. 

Also when you read it like this: 11.11.11 it seems so powerful. But read it again: 11.11.2011. Doesn't seem so special now, right? So if there was an enlightened day it would have probably happened on 11.11.1111. On the other hand this couldn't be further from the truth since the Dark Ages were "active" on that date. 
If you want enlightenment do something good for yourself and for others. Get up from your lazy ass and learn something new. Don't give me the whole Carpe Diem when you play farmville 10 hours per day. 

So my friends. The sky isn't falling, the end isn't near, life is as special as it was yesterday. Stop believing in whatever, some random dude thought of, in the time he was on the toilet defecating, and start researching everything you hear.
I am out now. I have to go sit on the toilet to think what I 'll post on 2012...