Friday, November 4, 2011

Unfortunate product names (Part 2)

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And now the rest of the genius names some people thought(?) to name their products. 

I sometimes wonder if they sit in a meeting room to find a name and someone after some time of thinking yells: COOL PISS! "Huh, you wanna piss?", "No, no, let's name the juice: COOLPIS!" And then the "we are the champions" soundtrack starts and everyone starts hugging each other for a job well done... And don't tell me they don't know what piss might mean. As a friend mentioned, I bet they have TVs with English programs.

Now what can I say about this? As a name it is stupid but not because of the reason you thought. If you wanted to sell a soap, wouldn't it be better if it was for a broader audience? Putting the HOMO on it no man will go and buy it even if it had butterflies and rainbows in it... Hell not even if they gave you a girl with it. "He tries to overcompensate!"

We all can guess how this name came about... "Duuude these are so tasty...", "yeah bro, they are so addicting... almost like crack!", "OMG man we found the name of our new product! Choco Crack!". My advice? Don't name your products when you are stoned. 

Worse thing about this isn't just the name.. It's that if you don't pay much attention to the label on it, you really think it looks like

Honestly I don't know what this product is but "Pet sweat"... Seriously? From all the names that were on the table this was the best? What was the second of choice? Pet shit?

Psct(tit)t is something I like, but in pairs, so the bastards that made this are pushing you to buy two each time.. Sneaky bastards...

Don't ask, don't tell... Sounds good though... Especially if you have an accent and you ask for it in the counter of your drug store or wherever you buy it from..

And had to leave the best for last:
"Hey baby want me to grab you a fart?", "No baby I have one right here". "Hey bro grab me a fart!".

So next time you think of a product name, do your research or at least have some common sense... Which seems that it ain't that common nowadays.