Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hooliganism and sports fans

I think sports is a great way to put your energy in use. It also helps you exercise your team spirit, your muscles, your health and maybe make a career out of it. Actually if you think you wanna make a lot of money forget being a lawyer or a doctor, just become a soccer, football or basketball player and you are in for some good bucks. And of course like every professions it needs sacrifices and lots of talent. On the other hand if you can't be a professional sports player...

You can be a sports fan! Or a hooligan! And you can start early like this little guy:
I guess some think it's a hobby. I 'll start with sports fans. Man these people annoy me the most. You can find them anywhere and most likely you have someone in your family. Usual conversations that take place between people that support the same team?

"We won the derby!"
Actually you didn't. They did. You just gave them your money either by watching them in TV (cable?), or going to the stadium, where you paid the ticket and you also had problems with the heat, cold, rain etc and most importantly the time someone scored a goal you were looking at the blonde's boobs that was sitting next to you. So now you wait to go home to actually see the fucking thing. Or even worse if you bet on their win or... their lose. In this case I kinda understand if you say "I won". But most likely you will lose money.

"The coach should have done this and that"
Seriously? You compare yourself with someone that has experience in that sort of job for years and gets paid more than you do? How would you feel if he came to your job and started saying you are doing this wrong, don't do it like that and so on? Keep your opinions for yourself. I am sure everyone that listens to you is thinking the same as me.

"The game was rigged or they gave it away or they lost on purpose"
How many years it took you to understand that this is professional football/soccer/basketball. Everything goes when millions of dollars and euros are on the line. If you don't like it stop complaining and go play Pro Evolution Soccer or Fifa 20xx and get on with your life.

"We are the best team"
Ehm... no you are not. Luck plays a huge role in these games. Put the same 2 teams on 5 consecutive games and each time the score will be different. Even who wins will be different. 
On the other hand we have the people fighting each other because they support a different team... We had fighting over religion and that went well... So now we have sport teams. I bet in the next few years people will fight over ice cream flavors. "Hey chocolate bastard, my vanilla is better!", "Oh yeah? I 'll break your ass off with my ice cone!"... Don't laugh, we are hard wired to gang on each other so this is evolution... And the people that don't only lose their money but some times their lives are our beloved hooligans.
I wish they looked like that but... Yeah. So let me get this right. You join a football fan club and your goal in life is to support it without you gaining anything from it, going out and smashing heads and more often getting your ass kicked by ten (if you are lucky) other dumbasses. While the players and the managers make millions... This does sound familiar actually... Something that starts with an R...? But that's another post...
Some people have lost their lives from hooligans. Some others have been wounded. And I am all in favor of dumb people smacking each other with their fists and other objects. But hurting people that just wanna watch the game or even worse, people that just passed by and were unlucky enough to find them in their way... 

Bottom line... In ancient Rome Emperors offered the people "panem et circenses" aka bread and circuses. This way the people stopped rioting the cities and going against the Roman Emperors. Does it sound familiar? Some food for thought... at least to the ones that are capable of it...