Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Unfortunate product names (Part 1)

Most of the products must not be American or English but still I do believe you should do your research beforehand in case it means something embarrassing. You probably wonder how much more embarrassing can a product name get, if you consider that in the previous post we had some examples that were pretty embarrassing!

Searched the web to bring you these, but here they are for you viewing pleasure:
Now don't get me wrong. I don't mind gay people. I have friends that are gay. But "Golden Gaytime"? Seriously? Especially in a country that speaks English: Australia!

I don't know about you but unless you have some fetish, pee isn't supposed to be drunk. But it seems that in Ghana have a different opinion... Maybe pee + cola = win? I don't wanna know...

A diet candy called "Ayds" that helps you lose weight... Now I don't blame them since the ad is from 1980 so  HIV wasn't as popular back then. if it even existed/diagnosed.

I will only bring attention to the product's label "NEW IMPROVED SHITO"... Maybe they know something we don't...

I think I 'll pass on the first but the second? This is my favorite... Both men and (let's be honest) most women will like it!

Personally I wouldn't drink anything that has SARS on its label but hey... some like it!

This is for our gay friends and for all women out there! Lucky you!

Most men look at it either way... No you can toss it's salad too!

I thought I could sum this up in one post but there are so many products like this out there, that I 'll make one more post either tomorrow or the day after!