Saturday, November 19, 2011

Dumb criminals (part 1)

I researched some funny stories about dumb criminals. I think in the job description there should be an IQ test. You just save time the police of catching you, getting you a lawyer (poor thing imagine him defending some of the people, I 'll mention...), and then moving you to prison. Just go to the nearest police station and say: "Ehm... hi. I am stupid and I thought of committing a crime... So here I am... arrest me". Faster right?

We already had a complain it seems... I am so happy I can reach so many people... So yeah...

September 3, 2009. Philadelphia: "[Insert name here] held up a bank in Bethlehem Wednesday and left behind a huge clue, according to police – his wallet, complete with photo ID's his Social Security card and a Philadelphia criminal registration card.
The photos of the Philadelphia man match the gold-toothed guy on the bank's surveillance tape police said.
The robber put his wallet on the teller's counter as he handed over a note demanding money. He made off with $800 and was still on the run Thursday morning."
Seriously bro? Before you went to the bank you had a checklist like this?
Gun: check
Mask: ehm...
Wallet: check
ID and SSN: check! In case a police officer stops me!


The next one, I 'll give it to you in the form of a picture...
No people, pot doesn't make you dumb. Teh Dumbz (as lolcats say) is something you already had before the pot...

Next one is from an iPhone application "99 dumb criminals" (probably exists on android too):
What someone can even comment on this? You are stupid.. Just stay home... It's safer for everyone... So you think you can't get even dumber? Watch the next video...
I only hope the owner had insurance against stupidity... I 'd really like to comment on these but I am too busy facepalming my self.
This woman was either incredibly brave... or stupid... But hey lawful stupid vs criminal stupid = 1 - 0
Can you imagine this guy in prison? Trying to explain how he got caught? He 'll probably will be the laughing stock of the prison... Unless he met this guy:
I told you dumb people are dangerous to carry around... "Dude if someone moves shoot them OK?", "ehm OK boss", "I 'll go get the money now", *BOOM*... "oops...", "You... Dumb... ass..."

I 'll finish part 2 of this post with something John Wayne said: